There is Over 2.22 Bitcoin In Nostr Bounty Rewards Up For Grabs

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The Bitcoin community has been buzzing regarding Nostr, a new decentralized social platform. Many people have created a profile there as an alternative to Twitter and its recent [borked] changes. In addition, there are several Nostr-related bounties builders may want to check out. 

Nostr gained a lot of momentum when Jack Dorsey tweeted about it last December. The platform is designed to be decentralized and rival Twitter. Moreover, Dorsey donated 14 BTC to the lead maintainer of the Nostr code. The Bitcoin community also put together a dedicated conference revolving around the platform for mid-March 2023. 

Key benefits of Nostr include:

  • censorship-resistant, something that Twitter will never achieve
  • built-in Bitcoin payments (via the Lightning Network)
  • No character limit for posts
  • Anyone can run a native relay to support the platform

While the initial excitement surrounding Nostr is tangible, there is much work to do. More specifically, a lot of native infrastructure has yet to be built. The protocol doesn’t run on the Bitcoin blockchain directly but acts as an open standard for anyone to build on top of. There is no need for accounts, apps, or service agreements. The following bounties show there are some lucrative options for builders to explore. A total of 222,500,000 satoshis (2.225 Bitcoin) is now up for grabs. 

Replacing GitHub?

The highest-value bounty found on the website today revolves around building a GitHub replacement. More specifically, there is a bounty of 123 million satoshis (or more) for whoever creates a Nosrt-based GitHub alternative. Many people know GitHub as an accessible platform where developers can share code. However, its creators and operators can prevent certain codes from being accessed by the general public. 

In addition, the platform is the subject of the government trying to censor code. That includes ISP blockades, DNS hijacking, MitM attacks, etc. A decentralized version of GitHub cannot be shut down, nor can anyone “remove content at their discretion”. Considering the bounty comes from Jack Dorsey himself, the first submissions should be around the corner. 

Media On Nostr

Mainstream media, writers, bloggers, and other content creators rely on centralized social networks to bring attention to their content. More often than not, they hit glass ceilings due to networks like Twitter and Facebook restricting their reach. 

Whether Nostr would help with discoverability remains uncertain, but the project presents an exciting opportunity. However, it requires a solution for bringing journalistic and mainstream media content over. For now, there is a bounty for 10 million satoshis regarding that project. 

Filesharing Solutions

It would make sense to leverage Nostr for filesharing purposes. That will require a dedicated web client application to offer and request files. The bounty calls for sharing files via HTTP or the BitTorrent protocol to ensure everything is decentralized and accessible around the clock. Whoever can put that together can claim the 5 million satoshis bounty. If successful, this can be a big advantage for using Nostr over any other social network. 

Telegram Ports for Android and Desktop

One way of making Nostr more accessible is by giving it a native application like Telegram. As such, the core concept of that app needs to be ported to use the decentralized network’s standards. That also means removing all unnecessary clutter, including widgets, stickers, calls, phone number requirements, etc. However, it should still support group chats and channels.

A very exciting bounty that can bring many more people to this decentralized social project. The bounty for the desktop and android versions stands at 20 million Satoshis, or 10 million each. 

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