There are Over 5,000 Dash Masternodes Once Again

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Running a cryptocurrency masternode is always a bit of a risk. One never knows if the value of the required currency will plummet over time. For Dash, there have been ups and downs, but things are still progressing nicely. The number of Dash masternodes keeps increasing ever so slowly. 

Dash Masternodes Remain Popular

It is interesting to see how things are evolving for the different alternative cryptocurrencies. Privacy coins are very popular right now, yet Dash no longer wants to be portrayed as such. It is a currency designed to facilitate global payments in an instant manner. That approach is, for now, working out well for the team.

Looking at the number of masternodes for Dash, things are looking pretty good too. More specifically, there are now 5,001 Dash masternodes. A more than respectable figure, considering how expensive it is to set up one up. One needs 1,000 DASH to set up such a node. At the current price of $76.43 per DASH, that is an investment worth over $76,000.

In exchange for running a Dash masternode, users will receive regular payments. At the current rate, one payment occurs every 5,0001 blocks, or 9.12 days. With an estimated earning of $12.09 per day, or $362 per month, this is still pretty decent income. Paying back the initial investment will take some time, though, but DASH has maintained its value relatively well in the past year. It even gained 11.2% in the past twelve months.

It is also interesting to see how the number of Dash masternodes has bounced back, The all-time high of 5,002 nodes is within reach once again. Back in March of this year, the number of masternodes dropped to roughly 4.800. That was a rough time for the cryptocurrency in general. 

A Well-oiled Machine

Considering how many currencies with masternode have come and gone over the years, it is remarkable to see Dash handle things so well. After all, there have been many coins that couldn’t even stick around for a year. Dash, on the other hand, has been running well for years. Its masternode payouts have not seen any major hiccups along the way.

A lot of other currencies with proof of stake and masternode support may want to take a page out of Dash’s book. It is a very solid ecosystem with technology that just works.  As such, the Dash masternode ecosystem is a clear example for other projects trying to enter the space. 

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