There are nearly 300 Arbitrum Airdrop Phishing Sites Already

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Many people got excited over the Arbitrum airdrop. Unfortunately, while the tokens remain highly speculative, scammers lie in wait. Several dozen scams and phishing attempts have been identified, with more to follow. 

Many Fake Arbitrum Airdrops

It isn’t uncommon to see various copycats, clones, and phishing sites in the cryptocurrency industry. Those problems become more apparent during market excitement, such as via airdrops. For example, many people eagerly awaited the Arbitrum token airdrop and wanted to maximize their profit potential. However, not every ARB token offering is legitimate.

Although there will be 10 billion tokens to be issued, they are not available yet. Everyone should remember the airdrop will occur on March 23, 2023. Any ARB token traded before that date is fake and should be avoided. Moreover, anyone claiming they got the airdrop early is a scammer. 

Several fake ARB token airdrops have been identified already. A Redefine blog post confirms the existence of various copycat websites. Every fake platform will try to access user wallets and then steal their funds. It is a common approach among internet criminals but remains alarmingly successful.

There are also fake Arbitrum accounts on Twitter, as identified by CertiK. These accounts will often alert users to the ARB token airdrop, even though it isn’t live yet. Anyone interacting with these accounts and websites will lose all of their money. It is unclear if anyone has fallen victim to these scams so far, although that is a likely scenario.

ARB Tokens Don’t Exist Until March 23

One platform to be extra careful on is Reddit. There are many people with legitimate intentions on that website. But, unfortunately, there’s also a growing community of scammers. These criminals will try to exploit those new to crypto and lured in by the prospect of free money. So never click links shared by online users, no matter their account standing or history. 

Making matters worse is the research by Scam Sniffer. The anti-scam and anti-phishing service identified nearly 300 phishing sites regarding Arbitrum. They are not all tied to the ARB token airdrop, but most will try to lure in users that way. Considering the airdrop is still a week away, there will be even more fake airdrop sites and messages to contend with.

For those patiently waiting for the real thing, there is still time to qualify. Several criteria have been created to qualify for ARB tokens. Those include conducting over four network transactions or smart contract interactions. 

Other options include bridging funds to Arbitrum One or depositing over $50,000 in liquidity. Curiously, only one in four wallets bridged to Arbitrum One are currently eligible for the token airdrop.

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