Blockchain-based IDV platform THEKEY has joined hands with the Chinese government to initiate a research study that will look to incorporate blockchain technology within the country’s Social Security Service sector.

In its most basic sense, THEKEY can be thought of as a decentralized ecosystem that employs advanced identity verification tools that use national big-data.

Currently, the devs behind this project are actively creating a blockchain-based dynamic, multidimensional identification (BDMI) protocol that uses government authorized Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data.

It is also worth noting that this is the first attempt made by Chinese authorities to utilize blockchain technology in order to deliver a service that will be used not only by government agencies but also the nation’s social security industry.

The research project will be jointly inaugurated on Jun 30th, however additional information in relation to the event has yet to be made public.

THEKEY’s main-net is scheduled to go live by the end of 2018 and investors looking to become part of this project can purchase native TKY tokens from a variety of global exchange platforms such as Bit-Z , KuCoin , LBANK, Hitbtc.

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