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The creator economy is growing and changing at breakneck speed. It’s now widely understood that micro-communities with KOL (key opinion leaders) and self-authored creatives are the engines of our social and creative industries. Distribution barriers are falling everyday and, with the onset of web3, the chance to have truly decentralised free trade marketplaces where creators and end-users, not middlemen, are the ones who benefit, is nearly becoming a reality. They just need the right tools and with – a merging of and Rightsfually – they may just have found them.

What is

TheAlly is a streaming and content distribution network that gives creatives – in particular filmmakers – the tools they need to integrate with web3, distribute content, issue NFTs that provide access for fans to content, host content through decentralised IPFS file systems for simplified, secure storage, and monetise their audience through media sales on-chain.

TheAlly has a full suite of APIs to connect to all these web3 services, giving artists and filmmakers the chance to empower their community through micro-distribution, and letting their fans and audience share in a film’s success by participating in micro-distribution.

TheAlly will also enable developers to build supporting ideas on the network and offer these as services to the creator economy. In a nut-shell, will be an end-to-end ecosystem in Web3 for content rights management and distribution.

Complete IP Rights Management On-Chain

Underpinning all this will be TheAlly’s right’s management platform Rightsfually. Through Rightsfually, users can easily consecrate their intellectual property rights on-chain directly.. By uploading rights metadata, users can connect their wallet to mint rights NFTs that allow them to track the complete lifecycle of their content rights on-chain as well as providing full distribution channels.

In this way, successful content can be sold on to other users who want to take advantage of the rights for their own videos as well as creating a healthy secondary marketplace for rights holders to frictionlessly participate in content swaps and other integrated content distribution models.

Currently, filmmakers and other content creators suffer from revenue leak from the illegal redistribution of their content and ineffective controls over its delivery mechanism, as well as having a large portion of their revenue taken from them by various centralised content platforms. With TheAlly, filmmakers and content creators can take total control of their content, users, revenues – and even the platform itself.

A Single Connection Point to the Entire Industry

TheAlly will work as a single connection point to the film and content industries in web3, and allow filmmakers to port their existing distribution models to a totally decentralised network with distributed file storage and content channels that earn them direct revenue streams. TheAlly network is one network that lets users share, screen, request, and provide services to watch content all connected through one secure delivery network that provides content providers with all the metrics they need to work out the success of their content.

TheAlly already hosts content from creative professionals, influencers, film library owners, film festivals, education platforms and more. Using Righstfually, all that content can have in-built rights protection and the possibility to seamlessly onflow the content into new distribution channels.

This multi-channel distribution network is all protected both legally by Rightsfually’s IP management and through the security of the blockchain. As every transaction is governed on-chain, and distribution is managed through secure transactions, it’s users for content creators to track exactly how the content is distributed, how revenues are collected, and how audiences participate. TheAlly will let creators mint and distribute NFTs that can act as movie tickets to an online screening, early access to their next film, or even rights to the entire library of their content. It’s up to the audience and creator. TheAlly just takes the legal headache, distribution, and engagement problem out of the equation.

Every Content Model Supported

Whether it’s freemium content, pay per view, live streaming, subscription service, or ad driven – TheAlly network supports all content revenue models with trust and transparency. Users access the content they desire in exclusive environments and creators get paid fairly for it.

Users can choose to buy the rights to films outright and then sell them to others. Rather than the current model where you have to choose between subscribing or stealing, TheAlly lets end users pay a fair price for their content, and have access to a secondary marketplace where they can sell it on without hassle and buy content and rights to content they want at secondary market rates.

For content creators, they can subdivide and micro-distribute their rights through a fully integrated SaaS video streaming platform that generates additional community-led revenue and engagement. They can reward fans directly through special NFT drops and drive new exposure to their content through on-chain environments.

The new creator economy needs new tools, and TheAlly is delivering it to them. By adopting best practices in web3, creators can have complete control and independence over their content and tier vision. They don’t sign away their rights, they don’t sign away their data, their content is stored forever – securely – on the blockchain, and their rights are manifested directly at source when they upload a new piece of content to the network. This total integration with blockchain architecture led to TheAlly being selected as a Polygon Village Wonder, i.e an essential protocol to look out for in 2023.

TheAlly to Be Premier Video Distribution Network for the New Internet

Copyright infringement has always been a problem. Legal issues and revenue leaks hurt creators on a day to day and week to week basis, harming innovation and delaying distribution. The old-fashioned distribution networks are not fit for purpose and, with web3, there is a better way. TheAlly, and its IPR management platform Rightsfually, are building that better way. By codifying content rights on-chain at source and distributing directly through decentralised networks, TheAlly lets the creator economy finally breathe. Web3 needs new allies, and TheAlly is ready to stand with filmmakers, scriptwriters, and content creators all over the world so they don’t just get their content viewed, but they get their rights respected.


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