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Joining the project at an early stage is a promising investment. Especially if it’s a successful project. Why is the project doomed to success? Let’s check.

Freedom DeFi is a fairly new project  but has already made its name. This project has an experienced team of developers. Token smart contract has already passed two audits in ContractWolf and Solidity Finance company. Well-developed tokenomics and also a well-built mechanism of commission fees that fight inflation and contribute to the high price of token. The own miner of USDT, BUSD и BNB. And in addition to all this, a fixed 1,027,030.60% APY with regular payments every 30 seconds. Today it’s the highest APY in DeFi sphere.

Mechanisms contributing to the maintenance of protocol.

  • Auto-Liquidity – 4% of token $FREE trading volume goes to maintain liquidity of  $FREE/BNB pair on PancakeSwap providing ever-increasing volume of $FREE.
  • Risk Insurance Fund – 4% of token  $FREE trading volume is held in RIF, that helps to maintain reward for staking provided by a positive rebase.
  • Treasury- 3% of token $FREE purchase and sale are received directly in Freedom DeFi Treasury , that is maintained by RIF and provides marketing budget and financing new products.
  • Fire- 2% of token $FREE trading volume is burned in the fire. The more traded the more tokens are burned in the fire thereby reducing the circulating supply of tokens $FREE and token value remains the same ensuring the stability of the project.
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Only thanks to the automatic operation of these mechanisms, Freedom DeFi protocol is capable to maintain high cost of tokens and also stable charging rewards for all the holders.

Freedom DeFi miner

Freedom DeFi miner is a unique miner from our developers where you can mine three coins: USDT, BNB, BUSD. You can mine up to 5% of rewards every day! You can invest any amount you want and the rewards will depend on the amount you invest.

Exclusive mining is only available to the Private Round investors. Annual percentage of return (APR) terms have been introduced compared to other Freedom DeFi ($FREE) token holders, who will get access to the miner after listing the $FREE token.

Miner gets additional financing from all trading operations of token $FREE. 3% of every purchase and sale are sent to the smart contract of the miner increasing its market cap.

Miner wallet will be public. Also strategic deposits will be made to help increaseTVL Freedom DeFi Miner. The developers specially created Miner so that holders of  Freedom DeFi can earn not only tokens $FREE but also stable coins.

For all the users of miner there’s a referral program, for every invited person you’ll get  12% of a man’s deposit who you invited.

Private Sale Freedom DeFi

The opening of Private Sale will take place on the Freedom DeFi platform soon. It will be held in the format of Fair Launch, the minimum purchase will be 0.8 BNB and maximum 60 BNB. The value of a token on private sale will be 0.07$, and listing price on the exchange will be 0,1$.

All the investors of private sale automatically become the participants of a grand giveaway. There will be awarded:

1x – Robinson helicopter 

20x – MacBook Pro

30x – iPhone 13Pro Max 

50x – AirPods Pro

At the end of private sale all the winners will be chosen randomly. The prizes will be delivered by the team of developers.

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