The Tussle To Become The King: Big Eyes Coin Vs. C+Charge Vs. Metropoly


The growing crypto market has a lot to offer the world. New digital currencies with innovative themes and advanced technologies are launched frequently in the market. The growing number of cryptocurrencies is intensifying the already ongoing battle. Three recently launched cryptocurrencies with different goals are now fighting fiercely in their presale stage to own the crypto world. Let’s know the distinctive features of C+Charge, Metropoly, and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

C+Charge – Building A Healthier Environment

In 1985, Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey discovered a depletion in the Ozone layer, which shields the earth from harmful UV rays emitted by the Sun. The hole in the Ozone layer gave a free pass to the lethal rays, resulting in increasing cancers, skin diseases, and other ecological problems.

In 1988, the United Nations created an organization called Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change to tackle the life-threatening crisis. After this panel released its first report in 1990, the international countries devised a mechanism called Carbon Credits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It allows the owners to emit a certain amount of CO2 or other greenhouse gases. The Carbon Credit industry was estimated to be 851 billion dollars in size in 2022.

Since the Carbon Credit market is designed to benefit only the large corporation, C+Charge has come to democratize the market. C+Charge aims to build a peer-to-peer payment system built on blockchain that will allow EV owners to earn carbon credits.

The platform also has a mobile app that acts as a central platform for all EV owners. This app has an e-wallet where people can store the native token of the C+Charge called CCHG, built on the BNB smart chain.

Whenever EV owners make a payment using a CCHG token after charging their vehicle, they will be rewarded with a carbon credit in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) which incentivizes them to use and charge Electric vehicles.

In its presale stage 5, C+Charge raised more than 2.2 million dollars. As the Electric Vehicle market rapidly replaces the traditional transportation system that uses fossil fuel, the C+Charge platform gets more attention from EV owners and Environment enthusiasts.

Metropoly – Making The World One

Metropoly is the world’s first decentralized NFT marketplace that combines real estate with blockchain technology. It aims to revolutionize the real estate market by making it accessible to people who live across the world. Each real estate NFT will be fractionalized and backed by real physical properties. This can be used as proof of authenticity, ownership, and collateral for lending and trading in the secondary market. Metropoly has four important platforms: Marketplace, Launchpad, Mortgage platform, and its DAO.

The Metropoly marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can buy, sell, and auction their NFTs in a completely decentralized way. The users have the option to sell their property through the emergency sale for 70% of the current value.

The launch pad allows users to invest in real estate NFTs for lower prices before they hit the secondary market. The Mortgage platform enables users to borrow and supply liquidity while retaining full ownership of the real estate NFTs. And the DAO gives Real Estate NFT owners the right to vote. Though the value of the vote is proportional to the number of fractions the users hold, they can propose to sell the property in the real world or increase the rent and more

The platform allows investors to create their real estate profile with as little as $100. Mteropoly is currently undergoing presale for its METRO token, which will be used as a reward and transaction token. It has generated $6,00,000 in stage 9 of the presale. Investors are focusing on this new platform, As it promises to give more passive income, access to real estate investment worldwide, borrowing and lending against NFT, and property management services

Big Eyes Coin – Do It When You Can!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is another unique cryptocurrency that is showing the crypto community a preview of its massive progress. The Big Eyes Coin has raised more than $31 million dollars since the presale was rolled out in 2022. Big Eyes Coin has been taking the crypto world by storm with its enticing announcements since last year.

It has the goal of shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem and protecting an important part of the world’s ecosystem. 90% of the Big Eyes will be owned by the community. It promised not to levy any tax or fees. Big Eyes also plans to launch NFT and aims to make it one of the top 10 digital assets in the market. It also announced that 5% of its total supply would be kept in a visible charity wallet to save the oceans. Big Eyes recently released loot boxes that could make anyone a millionaire in a single spin. The Cute Box that costs $99.9 could give investors BIG tokens worth up to $5K. The Kitty Vault Box costs $499 and could return BIG tokens up to $25K, and the Super Saiyan Box includes BIG tokens worth up to $100K. Big Eyes Coin revealed two more loot boxes that connect the different classes in society. The Saver Tin costs only $9.99, and last but not least, the wonderful Excali-Paw Chest that costs $9,999 could return BIG tokens worth up to one million dollars. The important feature of these loot boxes is that all of them are designed in a way not to cause any loss to the investors. Besides these loot box offers, it also rewards the top 5 buyers and 5 random buyers of the loot boxes or BIG tokens with Super Saiyan Boxes. These tempting offers and its community-focused business helped the BIG price to increase by 390% in the past month. At stage 12, the Big Eyes Cost 0.00049. The price is expected to rise further, hence buy it when you can!

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