The Truth about Dark Web – Is It Really Dangerous?

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When we read or hear the word “Dark Web,” we immediately feel threatened, guilty and think of illegal activities. But the real question is, is it really that dangerous?

Well, if you think the dark web is dangerous, you are both right and wrong. Millions of different things are available on the dark web – a collection of sites with hidden IP addresses and many more. This information can be harmful but quite useful as well. 

If you want to learn everything about the dark web, keep on reading…

What is Actually Dark Web?

Let’s start with the most basic question, what is the dark web?

In simplest words, the dark web is a collection of websites that have hidden addresses and cannot be indexed by regular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and more. These contents exist on the darknet – an overlay of networks that is available on the internet but require specific authorization, configuration, and software to access.

The dark web is not actually a complex thing. It’s just private computers communicating with each other and sharing content: like the normal internet. The only difference is there is nothing illegal and forbidden on the dark web. You can share everything! Yes, EVERYTHING!

Difference Between Dark Web and Deep Web

Most people think the dark web is the same as the deep web. However, this couldn’t be any far from the truth. The dark web is just 0.01% of the deep web. There are two types of web services available out there: Surface Web and Deep Web.

The content found on Google is actually on the Surface Web, which is around 0.03% of the entire internet. The remaining content is available on Deep Web. So, you can imagine how deep is actually the Deep Web. 

That being said, the deep web is a huge portion of the internet that is hidden from conservative search engines. In contrast, the dark web is just a subsection of the actual deep web that is purposely hidden. To access the deep web, you will need specific software, encryption or password. 

However, you can access the dark web by a specific browser: discussed below!

How to Access Dark Web?

Compared to the deep web, accessing the dark web is actually a piece of cake. You don’t need to be a hacker or use complex codes, passwords and more: all you need is a specific browser, such as Tor Browser.

In the past, the dark web was actually a province of cybercriminals, law enforcement organizations and hackers. However, due to the anonymized browser software and new encryption technology, everyone can access the dark web. 

The Onion-Routing project allows you to access the website that has the “.onion” archive operator, giving you access to the dark web. Tor browser is a result of this project that works like Firefox, Google Chrome and other web browsers. However, instead of directly connecting your computer to the internet, this browser uses nodes – an unsystematic path of encoded servers.

As a result, you can access deep parts of the web without any fear of being caught. This approach is certainly the safest method to access the dark web without being tracked by any other organization or individual.

Is Dark Web Dangerous – The Potential Risks

Now that you know how to access the dark web, it’s important to understand the potential risks related to this part of the internet. To give you better insight, here are the potential risks related to the dark web: 


One of the most significant reasons people try to avoid the dark web is scams. Hiring a professional “Hitman” may just be a scam created to get some bucks out of your bank account. According to many reports, there are numerous illegal services offered on the dark web, including:

  • Weapons
  • Human trafficking
  • Paid assassinations
  • Child pornography

People use the dark web to offer these services. However, in some cases, they will attempt phishing scams to steal your personal information and identity for extortion.

Malicious Software

Malware and other malicious software exist due to the dark web. Most of the time, these dangerous applications are offered to normal people as a tool for hacking or a mod application. 

Final Verdict

We hope you have understood everything about the dark web. While this side of the internet offers some useful information, it is certainly not free from risks. That being said, the dark web is certainly an interesting thing to explore. To keep yourself connected with the dark web, you can visit Dark Web Fans. This platform is the most reliable and trusted source to monitor popular onion services. If you have a viable or legitimate need to use the dark web, make sure you are not leaking any personal information or downloading any mysterious applications!

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