The Tor Project Receives Many Cryptocurrency Donations These Days


Cryptocurrencies are widely considered to be a niche form of money, even though it can be used globally without any real friction. The Tor Project, which operates primarily due to donations from the general public, receives 20% of contributions in cryptocurrencies today.

It is interesting to note how cryptocurrencies can make a difference on a global scale.

Tor Project Receives Plenty of Crypto Donations

Unlike traditional payment gateways, Bitcoin and altcoins can be of great value to projects accepting donations.

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One of those projects is the Tor Project, a well-respected venture among technology enthusiasts.

To keep advancing the technology provided to users, donations are more than welcome.

So far, the project has noted a healthy amount of contributions every single quarter.

What is even more interesting is the role cryptocurrencies play in all of this.

Roughly one in five contributions is made through Bitcoin or altcoins.

There is also the effort by Stellar to match XLM donations for non-profits including the Tor Project.

All of this goes to show that people are willing to donate ample money when it comes to prominent projects.

Cryptocurrency community members do their part in making sure that these ventures can remain active at all times.

One can only hope to see more projects and non-profits experiment with accepting crypto asset donations in the future. 

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