The Top 6 Web 3.0 Browsers

CryptoMode Web 3.0 Browsers

The internet is slowly making a move towards Web 3.0, which will enhance the experience with blockchain tech, privacy, cryptocurrency, and much more. Accessing decentralized tools and apps will be achieved through web browsers, in the same way that we use Chrome, Edge, and Firefox now. If you’re interested in getting a healthy start on Web 3.0, we’ve gathered together the best six browsers below. 

Opera Browser

The Opera web browser isn’t a new name on the scene, but it has recently evolved into the Web 3.0 space. Sitting in tandem with the VPN functionality, Opera now has dApp supper and an in-browser digital wallet. The included wallet supports the major coins at the moment, including Ethereum, but the net will be cast wider through future version releases. 

Stack Browser

Stack, which is our top choice browser for productivity has entered the Web 3.0 space by handing control of personal data into the hands of users. This means that on top of “stacking” tabs into different productivity groups, users can rest assured that they will stay safe on the network. 

Osiris Browser

Osiris operates on the blockchain, and its primary aim is to make accessing decentralized tools easy. In the standard form, blockchain networks are completely separate, and can’t communicate with each other. This is where Osiris comes in and pulls numerous blockchain networks together for incredible functionality and privacy. Alongside the incredible power behind Osiris, there is a digital wallet included called Metawallet, which operates a layer 2 solution to grant faster transactions. 

Brave Browser

The Brave browser is renowned for offering incredible speeds while keeping ads at bay. The Brave community is incredibly healthy, with more than 25 million users. Thanks to its enormous success, Brave has added Web 3.0 functionality and even has its own coin referred to in the markets as BAT. As well as having its own coin, users can benefit from highly secure P2P hosting and an internal digital wallet. 

Puma Browser

If you’re a mobile user looking for a Web 3.0 experience, the Puma browser is optimized for you and is available across Android and iOS. At the heart of everything Puma does is privacy, which means you won’t be tracked across the web. As well as this, web monetization is operational on the browser, which means micropayments are made automatically to content creators, without the need for subscriptions. 

Crypto Corner

Crypto Corner is a powerful browser for anyone with an avid interest in crypto trading. Everything to do with blockchain and crypto is all pulled into one place including news, NFT galleries, communities, and crypto podcasts. On top of the blockchain and crypto resources above, Crypto Corner has a native wallet that lets you access the dApp store seamlessly. 

The world is preparing for Web 3.0, which will see blockchain tech being used to hand power back to users and keep us secure. There are already powerful browsers supporting the new era of the internet, like those listed above. As we move through the 2020s, blockchain will likely become the new standard. 

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