The Top 5 DApps By Marketcap Note Varying Revenue Results This Past Month

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The overall revenue generated by Dapps on the various blockchains is a crucial metric. It can help determine if projects are performing well or slowly losing traction. Exciting things are happening for the top market cap DApps, although caution remains advised before you make any financial commitments.

Axie Infinity Revenue Keeps Dropping

Perhaps the most surprising development in these revenue rankings is how Axie Infinity seems unable to turn the ship around. More specifically, the project has struggled with its revenue-generating abilities in the past few weeks. These past 30 days, there is still an 8.9% net loss to overcome. The weekly dip of -11.67% is not helping matters either. Even so, $186.63 million in revenue-generating potential per month is not bad at all. 

Uniswap Is Booming

Following the rebound of the crypto market price these past few weeks, overall liquidity and revenue are rising quickly for solutions like Uniswap. That is a welcome development, as the exchange still has $26.25 billion in market cap and $155.53 million in monthly revenue. Moreover, that latter figure is up 33.4% compared to a month earlier. Thus, decentralized trading platforms remain very successful in the cryptocurrency industry. 

dYdX Nearly Doubles

As one of the “older” DApps on the market in this list, dYdX still has room for improvement. Although this monthly revenue is up by over 74%, the project should – in theory – be capable of much more. However, as the weekly trend shows -16%, it will be interesting to see whether dYdX can sustain the momentum long-term. 

Curve Notes Good Growth

Currently, the leading DeFi project by TVL, Curve, is rising the rankings for revenue too. The project has an almost $14 billion market cap and a monthly revenue increase of over 74.5%. The growth is rather substantial for this DeFi project, although it seems bigger and better things might be on the horizon. 

The Graph More Than Doubles

Revenue for The Graph has been going through the roof these past few weeks. It appears there is a lot of interest in this ecosystem lately, even though $12.22k in monthly revenue may tell otherwise. It still represents a 122.22% increase for the month, though. In this industry, it’s always nice to witness growth, especially in areas where you might not expect it at first. 

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