The Top 5 Blockchain Games To Make Money With

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Many people have high hopes of making money with blockchain games. Although it is possible to do so, one should also acknowledge the upfront investment to recuperate. The following blockchain games are considered the highest-earning titles today, although players must put in a fair bit of work. 

The Sandbox (Over $37 per day)

Most Web3 and metaverse enthusiasts are familiar with The Sandbox. The popular community-driven platform lets creators monetize their voxel assets and gaming experience. It is one of the busiest hubs for all metaverse activity today, and there are some good money-making opportunities. Per RainMakerGames, players can earn upward of $37 per day – which is quite a lot – although users will look at an upfront investment of nearly $3,400. It would take under 100 days to recuperate that amount – under current market conditions – making it a potentially worthwhile option.

Decentraland (Over $23 per day)

While making $23 a day might seem like pocket change to many, one must remember this is income from being active in blockchain games. The industry is still in its infancy, and money-making opportunities may yield exponential returns over the coming years. Decentraland is considered a very fun-to-play metaverse that is relatively easy to learn. Moreover, the daily earnings are decent, even if the upfront cost is nearly $3,900. Even so, it is a way to start building an income, and one never knows which new opportunities might arise.

Supremacy (Over $17 a day)

Few people expected to ever make money from playing video games. That will become more commonplace through Web3 efforts and blockchain games, and Supremacy is a solid example. It features a 24/7 Battle Arena where players must survive and earn glory. With daily earnings of over $17 per day and an overall rating of 4.5/5 or higher – even for affordability and ability to earn – the game is on the right track. Getting started will set you back $220, which is far more affordable than the two titles above. 

League of Kingdoms (Over $8.5 per day)

Playing an MMO strategy game and making money sounds like an appealing combination. League of Kingdoms enables such opportunities as players fight for dominion and engage with the in-game governance and congress systems. Similar to Supremacy, the game receives high marks on the ability to earn and affordability while seemingly also being fun to play. Earning over $8.5 a day is possible today, assuming one can part with over $600 to acquire in-game NFTs first. Nearly all blockchain games have an upfront cost, after all. 

Dracomaster (Over $7.2 per day)

Adventuring and combat take center stage in Dracomaster. Players can collect and evolve various Dracos to earn more in-game tokens through battle. It is a common concept but one that enables players to earn over $7.2 per day. However, the upfront cost of $1,100 is relatively steep today, and the game isn’t scoring the best in “ability to earn” although that is primarily due to the earnings/upfront cost ratio. 

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