The Top 4 Social Dapps On The Market Today

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Decentralized applications, or Dapps, enable many users to interact with blockchain technology. Social Dapps are very interesting, even if their traction remains somewhat limited. The following social projects all start to build traction, although their monthly user metrics are far from critical mass. 

KAI Membership (KardiaChain)

Although most people have not actively explored the KardiaChain ecosystem, that may change thanks to KAI Membership. The leading of the social Dapps is a frontend to onboard more people to KardiaChain. Moreover, the Dapp will provide access to every Product-Market-Fit brought to the ecosystem. In addition, the developers want to focus on four crucial aspects: gamification, wallet solutions, utility, and wealth management. The Dapp notes over 13,000 monthly users and 38.500 transactions.

Lens Protocol (Polygon)

Lens Protocol wants to become a permissionless, composable, and decentralized social graph to help users build a Web3 social platform with ease. It is also developed by the Aave team, who put together one of the leading decentralized finance protocols. As a result, creators can own the link between themselves and the community. In addition, all users can create profiles and interact with one another. Certainly one of the social Dapps with potential, although its user base of under 11,000 monthly users isn’t too stellar yet.

Steemit (Steem)

Most cryptocurrency users will be familiar with Steemit, one of the oldest social Dapps. The platform has seen its share of controversies and issues, yet it remains a popular platform in this industry vertical. Users can be rewarded for sharing their voices and helping reward others. Moreover, Steemit remains committed to becoming a leader in the attention economy. With under 8,700 monthly users, that process may prove rather tricky. 

PeakD (Hive)

Hive is a very prominent blockchain in Web3 gaming, and it is also home to one of the more popular social Dapps. Through PeakD, it becomes possible to explore decentralized social media with true ownership. All posts and comments exist independently of any website, and only the user with the according keys can make changes or additions. Additionally, users can own a community, and PeakD users should not worry about deplatforming. With almost 7,500 monthly users, this solution has some interest, but there is much work to do. 

Social Dapps Rankings

Note: The number of users pertains to the number of unique wallet addresses interacting with smart contracts of these respective social Dapps. 

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