The Success of Israel as a Startup Nation

startup nation

We often hear about countries and their contributions to technology. Technology is, of course, a popular topic and field right now. One country, in particular, that is starting to make a name for itself in this field is Israel. Over the last few years Israel has become better known as a start-up nation. In 2021 the country saw twenty-eight more times capital flow than the US on a per capita basis. Moving into the year 2022 the country made 665 deals that brought in over 14 billion dollars, all from high-tech companies. Combined with the country’s innovation and focus on research and development it is no surprise they are making a name for themselves in this field. 


One area that Israel is dominating is in their research and development. According to studies the country invests 4.1% of GDP into research and development. This is two times the average. Due to this many popular companies have located their research and development teams in Israel. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Facebook, and many others have locations in Israel. 


Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the city Tel Aviv is just as impressive as its home country. In 2022 it was named the largest startup ecosystem in the world. It has also become a popular innovation center for companies like Volkswagen, Anheuser Busch, and Apple. Overall, the country has a big focus on entrepreneurship and offers grants and tools to help its citizens succeed.

How Israel Has Emerged on the Tech Scene

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