The State of Tezos Baking In 2021

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There are many different options to explore when it comes to exploring the different cryptocurrencies on the market. Tezos, while not loved by everyone, is still performing relatively well. Regarding the current baking rates, an average of 5-6% per year is still acceptable.

Tezos Baking Is Still Viable In 2021

It has been a while since people had a meaningful discussion regarding Tezos baking and its returns per annum. It is still possible to earn an ROI of 5-6% with relative ease even today. Baking Tezos can be challenging for newcomers, as they will often have to delegate their efforts to a third party. Finding the right service provider for doing so requires a bit of research, as every delegator has different service fees to take into account.

Baking Team still provides the highest ROI of all Tezos bakers today, at 5.972% per annum. This is slightly ahead of Citadel One (5.924%) and PosDog (5.858%). It is interesting to note that these delegates have 2%, 3%, and 5% fee rates, respectively. Combining a high ROI with low service fees is essential for users looking to stake XTZ. The higher the fees go, the lower the ROI tends to be.

However, it is equally essential to find a delegator with enough free space to begin baking Tezos. That may be a bit of a tall order for most, as many of these baking providers are at full capacity all the time. Currently, Everstake Legacy, CryptoDelegate, XTZmaster, and PayTezos all provide the most space. However, their fees can range from 8% to 21%, which is something to look out for.

The final aspect to look out for is whether a baking delegator will pay out on time. Some issues will arise for certain services in this department, although it may only be a temporary issue. That said, no one should put up with unstable payments or bad EDO voting procedures. More often than not, those problems are a sign of a delegator facing bigger issues that can end up costing people money. 

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