The Sparklo (SPRK) Presale May Grow Much Faster Than ImmutableX (IMX) And Loopring (LRC)


Not every project in the cryptocurrency space can withstand the test of time; just look at ImmutableX (IMX) and Loopring (LRC). These cryptos were once on top of their game but have since been showing price drops constantly. Because of this, many investors are now looking at new projects with more long-term growth potential, such as Sparklo! This Level One presale has attracted investors and experts alike – keep reading to find out why!

Sparklo (SPRK) To Transform The Precious Metal Market

Rare metal enthusiasts will soon have a new platform that caters to their needs and brings something new – blockchain technology! Sparklo will establish the first Ethereum-based alternative-investment platform, focusing solely on exquisite metals such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum!

Sparklo will store all real-life assets in secured vaults, mint an NFT backed by them, fractionalize it, and then allow investors worldwide to purchase them partially or fully! This method will open the doors for many investors to become fractional owners of one single token for a low cost.

Regarding security, Sparklo will place a 100-year liquidity seal while freezing team tokens for 1,000 days. Moreover, an already complete audit by InterFi Network and a KYC audit now wrapping up ensure transparency and safety for all investors!

Currently, the presale for the Sparklo token has a value of just $0.017, but more price hikes are coming! With some analysts foreseeing a jump to $0.50 for Sparklo by December 2023 – now is the perfect chance to acquire this potential blue-chip token for an affordable price!

If you want this token, sign up for the presale now, and do not miss this opportunity to yield 2,800% gains!


ImmutableX (IMX) Launches The Immutable Passport Beta

Recently, Immutable (IMX) announced its new Immutable Passport beta, enabling mainstream onboarding for all players. With Passport, ImmutableX (IMX) developers can bring gaming into a new era.

Despite this, the ImmutableX (IMX) token has been struggling recently as it now trades at $0.9033 with a market cap of $826M, down 3.45% in the past day alone. Additionally, the ImmutableX (IMX) trading volume decreased by 15%, sinking to $20,156,358 at that same time.

The technical analysis for ImmutableX (IMX) also shows a bearish sentiment with moving averages and technical indicators in the red zone. Due to these charts, experts predict a fall to $0.85 for ImmutableX (IMX) by the end of 2023.

Loopring (LRC) Dips By 1.20%

In the last 14 days, Loopring (LRC) has been dropping steadily by 21%, which can be attributed to the lack of social media hype for Loopring (LRC). Loopring (LRC) has a value of $0.3216 with a market cap of $427M, a fall of 1.46% in the last 24 hours.

Bears are currently in control of Loopring (LRC), with its technical indicators displaying strong sell signals. On a positive note, the Loopring (LRC) trading volume has increased by 12% overnight, reaching $16,026,930.

This trading volume increase still shows some interest in the Loopring (LRC) token, but investing in projects with more room for growth would yield more gains in the long run!

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