The SHIB Price Can Hit $0.00001 Again Today Following Whale Accumulation

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As many cryptocurrency enthusiasts eagerly watch the price charts, Shiba Inu *SHIB( begins to make moves again. Reaching a value of $0.00001 again is certainly a possibility. Several developments paint a bullish outlook, although there are many fake rumors to consider as well. 

SHIB Price Is On Fire

Even though several crypto markets appear to struggle today, Shiba Inu is not among them. Instead, the SHIB price is rallying by over 11% and seems intent on breaking through to $0.00001 again. Whether that will be possible is a matter of debate. However, many community members seem to believe this can and will happen rather soon. As SHIB also gains on BTC and ETH, it is not out of the question. 

Moreover, the currency has been in bullish territory since late September. That trend now continues without skipping a beat, as SHBI remains in Strong Buy territory per TradingView. Even with the RSI in highly overbought territory, the market isn’t slowing down just yet. Sustaining such a bullish trend is very challenging for a currency that has a very high circulating supply. Even so, the SHIB price is climbing higher, which most people will be interested in. 

WazirX And SHIB

Gaining a foothold in countries like India can be a gamechanger for many crypto assets. For Shiba Inu, the listing on WazirX is a pretty important deal, regardless of when it happened. It is one of the largest Indian crypto trading platforms on the market, with over 6 million users. Listing the “Dogecoin Killer” on this platform can prove beneficial for the SHIB price. More importantly, they pair SHIB with the Indian Rupee, creating an additional fiat gateway for this altcoin. 

While it remains unclear if WazirX plays an active role in SHIB trading, it is an intriguing development. While many people still doubt the viability of this currency, exchanges send a very different signal. Getting a listing on multiple exchanges and a pairing with a fiat currency can bring many people to this currency. As the SHIB price rises, those over 6 million users might take a closer look at Shiba Inu. 

Who’s The Big SHIB Whale?

The past few days have been interesting for Shiba Inu, regardless of price momentum. It appears one whale holds over 6 trillion coins and bought another 276 billion a few days ago. Such amounts are not surprising at the current SHIB price, although it represents a significant commitment. 

Some people wonder if it is Robinhood or another service provider stocking up. Their identity may never become public knowledge, but anything is possible in this industry. 

Beware of Fake Robinhood Announcements And SHIB Price Pumps

Although Robinhood has not officially listed Shiba Inu yet, many expect it to be a matter of time. One rumor claims how Robinhood has listed SHIB already and plans to buy trillions of coins to bring the SHIB price to $0.1. Although that would please many speculators, achieving such a price point seems impossible for Shiba Inu due to its vast supply. However, stranger things have happened in the crypto space. 

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