The Science of Analytics

science of analytics

How can you take a data driven approach to your business? Baby steps to get more people on board. You can start by analyzing more of your data through Google Analytics, but when you are ready to get serious, it may be time to upgrade to Google Analytics 360. You’ll likely need external consultant support to get started on this, but it’s well worth the effort and expense.

You’re probably going to take a while to get everyone’s buy in. A mere 24% of executives had created a data driven organization. What’s worse is that up to 73% of data within organizations has never been analyzed at all. Significant barriers to adapt include low executive buy-in, poor data quality and access, lack of training, and data illiteracy.

It’s time to change the fate of your organization. Learn more about becoming a data driven analytics based organization through this visual deep dive below:

The Science of Analytics
Source: InfoTrust

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