The Science DAO’s Token Launch Sets a new Paradigm for the Global Crypto Market


As per recent estimates, the number of cryptocurrencies has surpassed 10,000. It indicates that the global digital assets market has come a long way since Bitcoin was introduced to the world in 2009, at the heel of the infamous economic crisis of 2008. That said, most crypto holders focus only on gains rather than the long-term potential of the crypto projects. 

Luckily, the tide is changing. The crypto community is now weighing the potential of crypto projects to decide if their tokens are worth investing in instead of being influenced by meme-fueled marketing campaigns. Recently, a fundamentally strong project known as the Science DAO launched its native token, $THRY. 

Interestingly, the powerful sentiment around science fuels the $THRY token instead of being influenced by the broader crypto market. Without further ado, let’s explore what the Science DAO is all about and what role will $THRY play in its ecosystem.

The Science DAO: For Betterment of Science

The progress that humans made in science and technology have ushered the world into a new era of prosperity. Yet, there is a lot more to achieve, considering the challenges that humanity is facing in the 21st century. 

That said, achieving such immense feats is only possible with the support of government and private institutions. But garnering support for scientific research and development is easier said than done. Thus, the Science DAO was formed to support scientific startups in their mission to unlock scientific mysteries and help humanity tackle the challenges that lie ahead. 

The Science DAO describes itself as “a decentralized think tank, incubator engine, and accelerator platform aimed to empower inventors, entrepreneurs, and institutions to collaborate and make informed investments in a wide spectrum of technologies and life sciences.”

The three core areas that the Science DAO focuses on are Health and Environment, Computing and Technology, and Natural Sciences. As for how it will play a role in the progress of science & technology, the Science DAO’s platform is an enabler that will bring both retail and institutional contributors together and give them an opportunity to contribute to pathbreaking technological innovations. And $THRY holders will have a say in major technological breakthroughs that the Science DAO will support.  

With a 35+ member team that consists of some of the most prolific names from the scientific startup domain, the Science DAO is perfectly placed to select promising early-stage scientific projects. Not only will the collective mind of experts enable the Science DAO to locate promising projects, but they will also make sure that the projects are worthy to launch in the market.

The Science DAO’s CEO, Joey Poareo, is an experienced professional with an exceptional track record in helping companies reach new heights. He has served in multiple industries, including new-age technologies, such as blockchain to healthcare. He is also a firm believer in giving back to society. Thus, he spearheaded philanthropic efforts to provide housing and care for almost 50 children. Currently, he is guiding multi-project corporations through his exceptional talent and leadership.

The Role of NFTs in Securing Funding for Projects 

Customized NFTs play a crucial role in the Science DAO ecosystem. The process is quite simple yet a creative solution to raise funds for scientific startups.

The first thing that The Science DAO does is design the deal value depending on the funding needs of the scientific startup. Then, the DAO will create customized NFTs accordingly. The Science DAO utilizes powered proof of ownership smart contracts to divide the option pool for the startup raising funds through its platform.

Next comes the valuation stage. The Science DAO team and its advisors then discuss and establish the valuation of the NFTs. The valuation stage enables the Science DAO team to decide the floor price of the NFTs. Now, here’s where things start getting more interesting.

The valuation of the startups is incremental. It means that depending on the milestones that the incubated startups achieve, the valuation will rise, too. As the valuation of the startup goes up, the floor price of the NFTs will go up as well. The example of milestones can be an FDA approval, successful fundraising in the future, promising lab results, etc.

The Native Token

$THRY, the native token of the Science DAO, will serve as a governance token. It will help democratize and decentralize the entire funding cycle of projects raising funds on the Science DAO platform. 

There are several benefits for token holders. First, depending on the percentage of tokens that the user owns relative to the total supply of $THRY, they will get a specific number of votes. They can then use their votes on crucial matters that will decide the future course of action for the Science DAO. 

The token holders will also get intimate access to the progress that the incubated startups make throughout the entire cycle of the project. 

All in all, a ScienceDAO token holder ($THRY) will get a chance to become a part of game-changing scientific startups and be a witness to history in the making.

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