The Sandbox Price Prediction: Can MCADE surpass SAND in 2023?


Crypto investors are constantly looking out for the best opportunities to make some gains. This article discusses the value that is provided by The Sandbox and tries to predict its price action over the next few years.

A brand-new project called Metacade is just being launched and so is perfect for comparison. It offers some unique GameFi functionality and many experts believe it could be the next big thing in Web3.

What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

The Sandbox is a decentralised gaming platform that enables anyone to design, publish, and monetise games. The Sandbox uses blockchain technology to create a virtual reality world that is owned by its community, as the platform itself is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). The platform’s native token, SAND, is used to purchase in-game assets and to vote in DAO governance proposals.

Users can create and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the platform’s integrated marketplace, which can be used to represent in-game items such as avatars, buildings, and land. The Sandbox creates a safe and fair gaming environment for all users, and provides developers with the tools they need to create fun and rewarding games.

The project’s ecosystem consists of three core components, The Game Maker, The Metaverse, and The Marketplace:

  1. The Game Maker is a user-friendly tool that enables anyone to create games without any programming experience.
  2. The Metaverse is a decentralized virtual world where players can explore, play, and create experiences together.
  3. The Marketplace is a place where creators can sell game assets and freely trade with each other.

The Sandbox originally had an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network but has since migrated to its own blockchain, called The Sandbox Chain. The innovative team behind The Sandbox have created a user-generated content (UGC) gaming platform to facilitate the gradual transition to decentralised gaming services and SAND is used to fuel its in-game economy.

The Attractiveness of Play-to-Earn Gaming

Blockchain technology offers something completely unique. Decentralised gaming platforms can deliver sustainable earning potential to gamers from all over the world. To the 3 billion people who actively play games on an annual basis, this is an attractive gameplay mechanic.

Virtual economies enable users to buy and sell digital assets as part of the gaming experience. This generates liquidity which can then be used for rewards paid out in a wide variety of native cryptocurrencies. This means that avid gamers can now earn a real income while playing some ground-breaking new games and competing online.

The Sandbox is a prime example of a project that can help to transition the gaming industry from being centrally owned and managed to being fully decentralised and owned by players. Metacade aims to achieve a similar level of success in the GameFi world over time, by giving more power back to gamers as they play the latest play-to-earn titles.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is building a mind-blowing virtual arcade where GameFi players can gain access to some of the best features the industry has to offer. Like The Sandbox, Metacade is driven by its desire to serve the blockchain gaming community and plans to transition into a DAO to make the platform 100% governed by its users in the future.

Earn Play-to-Earn Rewards

Metacade users will be able to learn about metaverse trends, as well as play an ever-growing list of arcade games, all from a single location. With so many potential P2E games to choose from, GameFi enthusiasts gain unprecedented access to MCADE earning opportunities while playing games online.

Connecting the Community

Metacade itself provides a central location for gamers to get together and share all the latest information about the top titles in GameFi. For the most active participants, getting involved can turn out to be a very rewarding pastime, as Metacade provides MCADE tokens in exchange for high-value contributions – whether that’s writing reviews, sharing the latest alpha or helping out with discussions on the platform.

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

Metacade seeks to push GameFi development through a couple of key approaches. Firstly, the platform intends to provide funding for the best new P2E titles, through a system called Metagrants, which stands to become an invaluable service for innovators in the space. The community itself will have the opportunity to vote on which games they feel are best for the arcade, giving the go-ahead for games to be developed and acting as a filter for only the hottest titles to be released.

Furthermore, as development becomes more established on the platform, developers will be able to advertise game-testing roles to an existing community of play-to-earn enthusiasts and will reward players for providing feedback. Helping the community directly shape the future of gaming is one of the key tenets of the platform.

Governed by Players

Over time, Metacade intends to become a DAO. GameFi players will be given direct power to influence the future of the platform, as MCADE token holders will vote to decide on the best new features and project developments. In this sense, Metacade is truly a community-driven initiative that upholds the core values of blockchain technology.

Price Predictions: The Sandbox vs Metacade

With so many exciting projects building amazing virtual worlds, crypto investors may find they are spoiled for choice. The Sandbox is currently the third largest GameFi project by market cap and offers some useful services to the blockchain gaming community as they seek to create their very own digital worlds.

While The Sandbox has firmly established itself as a top project in the sector, Metacade represents a fresh opportunity to make some gains. The project is still brand-new and the MCADE token has only just started its presale investment round. The price prediction is promising as a result.

The Law of Diminishing Returns states that earlier-stage projects have higher growth potential. With that in mind, experts are predicting that MCADE could increase its price by 100x before 2025, while the price prediction for The Sandbox is that it will increase by 10x during the same timeframe. MCADE is being launched at just $0.008 at the earliest round of its presale. This will rise to $0.02 before the public IDO, so investors are stacking bags in preparation for lift-off.

Having seen the value that is written into the Metacade roadmap, interested investors have started to wonder whether it can surpass The Sandbox in terms of popularity and market cap over time. For now, the MCADE token is cheap compared to its GameFi counterparts, and early adopters are sure to enjoy some major price increases as the project develops.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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