The richest women in the crypto world


The trend of women occupying mostly “male” fields of activity gains momentum. Previously, the majority of people perceived the crypto world as an only men-friendly place. Fortunately, tables turn in girls’ favor too. Ladies can gladly spend hours on such platforms as CEX.IO to develop their crypto skills.

Thanks to the endless study materials, inspired women are becoming equal competitors for male crypto colleagues. Reasons for choosing such a path include:

  • Financial burden;
  • The desire for independence;
  • Fear of missing out.

Regretfully, crypto ladies often experience bullying from other market participants. The root of the problem lies in certain stereotypes about female expertise. However, some women fight negative feedback by becoming real crypto legends. Let’s talk about the most bright illustrations of such success!

Meltem Demirors

The first exceptional woman in crypto that we are going to discuss is Meltem Demirors. Indeed, her case is both surprising and inspirational. Whenever you think of an established millionaire, your mind shows the pictures of a person over fifty or more. Demirors destroyed this stereotype by becoming successful at just thirty years old! No wonder, since the girl stood out from other kids since childhood.

Meltem’s entrepreneurial skills already peeked through when she started making pocket money in all possible ways. Growing up, the future star gained interest in finances, especially cryptocurrencies and blockchain. At first, she graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and became a professor in her alma mater years later. Demirors currently describes herself as:

  • Crypto investor;
  • Crypto advisor;
  • Crypto asset manager;
  • Risk manager;
  • Lawyer.

As you can see, this woman can boast expertise in many fields, which mostly have something to do with crypto. Among her most outstanding accomplishments is founding Athena Capital fund and becoming Chief Strategy Officer of Coin share. Besides, Meltem manages to teach at MIT and Oxford University, and participate in talk shows!

Sadly, this crypto expert often hears criticism from her male counterparts. Yet, she stands still and brushes the negative comments off. This woman has already made a fortune, but she is hardly going to stop anytime soon.

Elizabeth Stark

If you think about the development of crypto and blockchain technologies, can you name any female name? In case you have a hard time remembering any women, meet Elizabeth Stark! Undeniably, she is the prime example of a crypto genius. Stark describes herself as a “big fan of the Internet”, and she proves the statement with her actions.

Markedly, people either know about her from Twitter or LinkedIn. This woman is truly versatile! In the online world, she has always felt like a fish in water. At first, Elizabeth captivated people’s hearts with her wittiness on Twitter. Her remarkable sense of humor allowed her to gain millions of subscribers.

On the other hand, Stark’s sharp mind paved the way for a crypto career. More specifically, this lady is mostly famous for being a co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs. Together with her great team, Elizabeth worked on the problem of Bitcoin’s low transaction speed. As a result, newer, faster, and better technology appeared. Consequently, Stark’s resume now looks like this:

  • Teacher in Stanford and Yale;
  • Start-up advisor;
  • Entrepreneur;
  • Internet advocate.

Supposedly, this woman’s net worth reaches millions of dollars, and it is quite an achievement! More importantly, Elizabeth Stark supports talented young people like herself. She dreams about giving access to the Internet to more children across the world.

Caitlin Long

Similar to the previous crypto lady on this list, Caitlin Long used her Harvard Law School degree to build a career in the crypto field. Although Caitlin spent a bigger part of her life working on Wall Street, she was brave enough for a sudden change. According to Long, her professional life was full of miraculous coincidences. Whenever she needed professional advice, people from her past appeared to give her a helping hand.

Eventually, balanced teamwork and Caitlin’s brilliant mind made a powerful impact on the crypto world. The woman, who wholeheartedly loved her native state, began turning it into a crypto hub. Due to Long’s hard work, Wyoming became a welcoming and quiet haven for digital investors. How did one person cause such groundbreaking transformations?

The talent for persuasion played a significant part in the whole process. Imagine a queue of conservative lawmakers. To succeed, you have to assure everybody that Bitcoin is good for the economy of the state. Remarkably, pro-crypto legislation received a boost thanks to this one woman. Today, Caitlin Long works as:

  • Entrepreneur;
  • Writer;
  • Blockchain advisor.

What is even more sufficient, is that Caitlin co-founded Avanti Financial Group. This crypto-native bank helped her build a fortune and appear on the lists of the most influential people in the tech sphere.

Galia Benartzi

The next star in the crypto universe is Galia Benartzi. Indeed, you can hardly overestimate the effect of her activity on the field of virtual currencies. She graduated later than other crypto experts on the list, but she compensated for it with numerous achievements. Probably, it was the special Silicon Valley air that affected Galia in childhood. The young woman dived into her first start-up as soon as she got the diploma in 2005.

At this moment, Benartzi’s passionate love for technology fully revealed itself. For instance, Mytopia social gaming project appeared thanks to this woman. Years after that, when the crypto market began forming, Galia shifted her attention to the completely unknown area.

As a result of Galia’s technical inclinations, cryptocurrency protocol Bancor appeared in 2017. This conversion company played a huge role for people dealing with virtual currencies. Undeniably, Galia Benartzi was already rich by the time of Bancor’s development. Yet, this specific project made her a name in the industry of crypto and blockchain.

After the career boost, Galia became a regular TV show and conference participant. The businesswoman currently combines:

  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Publishing;
  • Participation in tech forums.


Overall, women now actively participate in various crypto activities. They demonstrate a huge interest in the field of virtual finances. Everybody goes at a different pace, and there are cases when ladies’ careers skyrocket. Such women become a good illustration for other eager people. A combination of talent and hard work makes wonders!

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