The Pando Ecosystem Brings Web 3.0 To All Mobile and PC Users

CryptoMode Pando Web 3.0

The team behind Pando Browser is building an ecosystem capable of transforming everyone’s online experience. Many different services are part of the broader project, with a strong focus on cryptocurrency. Unlocking Web 3.0 has never been more straightforward.

A New Era For The Internet

Unlocking Web 3.0 requires a wide variety of tools, products, and services. The Pando team acknowledges this aspect and plans to roll out this ecosystem in different stages.  Products include a browser, messenger service, exchange, and games hub. It also consists of the PANDA coin,  which is the native cryptocurrency of this ecosystem. 

As blockchain technology and artificial intelligence become more prevalent, it is advisable to make the most of these concepts. Rather than feeding the top-down structure making up the internet in its current form, it is time to empower the end-user instead of centralized entities. 

Exploring The Pando Ecosystem

To accommodate access to Web 3.0, the Pando team will roll out its different services. 

Up first is the Pando browser, a mobile browsing solution providing ad-blocking services to speed up browsing, a free VPN, and a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.  It also offers Proof of Software mining to decentralize the network and leverages the InterPlanetary File System to store and manage data safely. The entire browser is user-centric and leverages blockchain technology’s full potential to provide convenient access to DApps.

Second, there is the Pando Messenger. It allows for anonymous messaging by encrypting user data and message content. The built-in cryptocurrency wallet lets users send and receive transactions in PANDO and Ethereum via QR codes. Similar to other messaging solutions, users can create groups, conduct calls, and have messages translated if need be. 

Third, the PANEX Exchange is currently in development. This global digital asset trading platform will support the built-in Pando browser and Pando Messenger wallet to streamline the user experience. The exchange will also support staking and reward functions in the future. 

Last but not least, Pando Games will provide a gaming experience to Web 3.0 users. Ranging from playing games to accessing gamified DApps, users will make the most of their experience. 

The PANDO Token Explained

As the native asset, PANDO is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. It plays a crucial role in the browser and messaging service. The Pando browser uses Proof-of-Software mining to administer rewards to its users. Through this mechanism, every user running the Pando browser also acts as a network node to decentralize the ecosystem. 

As 2 billion tokens are created in total, a fair distribution is crucial. Seventy percent of the token supply are used as rewards for users actively engaging in the mining aspect. The remainder is designed for R&D, business development, marketing, and so forth. The team wants to allow PANDO mining for the next ten years, with mining rewards halving every two years. 

To further grow the appeal of PANDO as a token, the team will initiative multiple business models based on Web 3.0 technology. The token is compatible and interoperable with Ethereum-based decentralized applications and other significant tokens. 

Users will also be able to obtain tokens through future airdrops, which will coincide with project milestones. These include the PANEX Exchange launch, releasing the browser for PC users, and so forth. 

Those looking to trade PANDO can head on over to Bittrex and MXC Global today. 

A Busy Roadmap Lies Ahead

Advancing the Pando ecosystem will require a lot of work in the future. The whitepaper speaks of a very active development roadmap, including browser releases for PC and iOS, and integrates the PANEX Exchange wallet and expanding the Pando Messenger’s functionality. 

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve and accelerate, so too need the projects leveraging this technology. Unlocking the full potential of Web 3.0 will require constant updates, adaptations, and improvements. The Pando ecosystem appears to be in good hands in that regard. 

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