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Educating the masses on why cryptocurrencies exist or matter has remained an ongoing challenge for over a decade. The new Open Source Money documentary airing on Discovery Science is one way of changing the narrative.

While Bitcoin has become a pretty popular topic, its rate of adoption remains very bleak.

This Documentary Won’t Teach About Cryptocurrency

When looking at alternative crypto assets, things are even worse, for obvious reasons.

Open Source Money, a new documentary series, will be airing on Discovery Science soon.

It focuses on the Dragonchain project, and will begin airing on July 4.

It will not bring too much attention to real cryptocurrencies, but rather to this particular blockchain project incubated by Disney. 

It is estimated that the budget for this documentary is roughly $1 million.

One peculiar aspect is how the entire series has been founded through cryptocurrencies, giving the producers free reign.

Noteworthy crypto influencers appearing in this series include Patrick Byrne and Brock Pierce. 

As interesting as the documentary sounds, it is nothing but  a glorified marketing stunt for Dragonchain. 

Most people watching it will not learn anything about cryptocurrency from looking at it, which is a missed opportunity.

That being said, this creates an interesting precedent for future video material to potentially air on Discovery Science.

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