The Only Three Meme Coins You Should Invest In: Big Eyes Coin, Dogecoin And Shiba Inu


Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are three examples of meme coins that are not all jokes and giggles.

Ever since the first meme crypto, Dogecoin, was introduced into the market in 2013 there has been a consistent increase in the number of wacky and weird coins.

The only issue is many of the meme coins being created are not lucrative propositions for investors. From scams to false promises to downright oddness, crypto beginners must do their research before they part with their cash.

The so-called bad meme coins in the crypto market are developing a poor reputation for the legitimate fun digital currencies around.

When, in actuality, the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Big Eyes Coin are transcending the crypto universe with the outstanding perks they offer.

Before the invention of meme coins, cryptocurrency was a very serious industry. The main positive outcome of each investment would be a healthy monetary return.

The prospect of financial gain will never change in the crypto world. But thanks to meme currencies, there are other benefits besides just the accentuation in wallet size.

Dogecoin Rises Above Cardano In Cryptocurrency Rankings

As long as Elon Musk is around Dogecoin won’t fall to the ground. When Dogecoin was initially released onto the market it was not taken seriously and it did not experience much success.

Nevertheless, this changed in 2019 when the multi-billionaire decided to tweet about Dogecoin on Twitter, which resulted in a vast increase in both popularity and value.

To the point where Dogecoin has consistently been placed in the top 15 cryptocurrency rankings in the last few years.

And Musk seems to have given Dogecoin a boost again recently by taking over Twitter, as the meme coin has surpassed Cardano and boasts a market cap of over $15 billion, at the time of writing.

Therefore, Dogecoin will always be a worthwhile investment because its value is linked to Elon Musk. The only thing investors can do is purchase Dogecoin now when it has not fully reached its potential and is still affordable.

Shiba Inu Market Cap Climbs Above $6.5 Billion

If Musk and Dogecoin are related, Shiba Inu must be an extremely close friend, as the so-called ‘Dogecoin killer’ has also experienced a massive upheaval recently by increasing its market cap to more than $6.5 billion.

Like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu has a Shiba Inu dog as its logo, yet it offers different advantages to its meme coin counterpart.

Shiba Inu is arguably one of the best cryptocurrencies for staking rewards. Investors can earn passive income by holding the primary token SHIB without having to do any trading. And the longer this token is staked the greater its value becomes, elevating the price of Shiba Inu tokens on the whole.

Hence, Shiba Inu’s connection to Dogecoin and staking rewards make it a reliable long-term investment.

Big Eyes Coin Raises Over $9 Million In Presale

Big Eyes Coin has not officially been released yet but the astronomical $9 million raised during presale is a testament to the superb perks the meme currency will provide in the future.

Only in stage 6 of presale and more phases to come, Big Eyes Coin is certain to surpass $10 million. Plus, the securing of a Tier 1 CEX launch, means it will have a significant headstart over other new cryptos.

Big Eyes does not have the backing of some Tesla tycoon. Nonetheless, it proposes to create top ten NFTs, donate to ocean-saving charities, host events and form a fun-loving community of cat lovers.

Thus, every investment into Big Eyes Coin will have greater meaning. The meme coin is likely to become amazingly lucrative but in the rare circumstance that it doesn’t, investors are passively doing their bit to help the environment while indulging in a range of cute, digital items.

Additionally, you can apply the code BIG400 to get a coin bonus.

Final Thoughts

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Big Eyes Coin are all worthwhile investments.

Dogecoin will continue to become more lucrative and valuable as Elon Musk keeps improving his business portfolio.

Shiba Inu has built a reputation of being linked with Dogecoin, so as its rival experiences success, the ‘Dogecoin killer’ is likely to move up the crypto rankings too.

Finally, Big Eyes Coin is the epitome of a cryptocurrency transcending the monetary nature of the industry by donating to charity and making each investment a fun experience.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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