The NYPD Grows Concerned Over a Coronavirus Scam Involving Bitcoin

CryptoMode Coronavirus

In the cryptocurrency space, there have been many different types of scams and extortion attempts over the years. During the coronavirus crisis, this problem has only grown worse. 

It is evident that criminals will continue to scam cryptocurrency holders at any cost.

NYPD Takes Note of Coronavirus Scam

Whether that is done through fake exchanges, bogus live streams, or malware, remains to be seen.

It is certainly true that one particular method of scamming Bitcoin users has gained  a lot of notoriety.

The coronavirus crisis has proven to be  a catalyst for new cryptocurrency scamming efforts.

In the US, the NYPD is getting involved in these matters.

A new coronavirus blackmail scheme has caught their attention in the past few weeks.

Any recipient of the blackmail scheme refusing to pay up is threatened by having their families infected by the coronavirus.

It is a peculiar type of extortion scheme that has become incredibly popular in recent months.

In virtually all cases, the criminals try to obtain a Bitcoin payment, which can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000.

How the NYPD will address the situation, remains to be seen.

If more people file a complaint with the police, the culprits may be tracked down a lot quicker.

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