The NOSIM Mystery is officially launched


An NFT collector game where there are plenty of awesome real world rewards to be earned. NOSIM aims to connect the bridge between physical and virtual user experience.

NOSIM is a platform of GameFi based on Binance Smart Chain protocol, providing services for the GameFi project distribution, NFT trading market, NFT application scenarios and cross chain deployment. NOSIM provides a selection of the industry’s most creative games and the first marketplace for trading items across game borders. Hence, gamers can access any blockchain’s games in one place, with tools to track their Play to Earn yields and item net values.

In short, NOSIM is an all-in-one discovery gaming hub for games, guilds, and metaverses. As the first phase, NOSIM launches the Mystery Treasure Hunt. By purchasing NOSIM NFT “The Volus”, users are entitled to participate in the mystery lucky pool!

The value of the NOSIM NFT:

The NOSIM NFT entitle users to special membership privileges, marvelous experience, lucrative profits and socialfi + gamefi mission rewards.

How to participate in the NOSIM MYSTERY?

It’s very simple:- Connect Wallet, Buy NFT, Wait for Winners Announcement, and WIN!!

✨It’s time to test your luck with NOSIM Mystery NFT! ✨

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