The new Polygon Platform FrontFanz Announces A Special Halloween Campaign


FrontFanz is back at it again with more exciting news. Even though this platform is quite new, it already closed a strategic investor round and a private sale round. In addition, FrontFanz also recently finished a 20-day IEO sale Dutch Auction-styled sale on ExMarkets that started on the 20th of July. And now, FrontFanz announces a special Halloween campaign!

1,000,000 $FANZ Halloween Campaign 

Innovation, immersion, and improvement are some of FrontFanz’s main values. Providing the best service and conditions to both content creators and fans alike. In accordance with these values, this content subscription platform is determined to move forward. 

FrontFanz will now launch an interactive DEX campaign that will allow its users and fans to help shape the spread of the platform’s native token $FANZ. During this campaign, all those who want to see $FANZ token sold on other DEX platforms can submit their suggestions. And as a reward, anyone who will provide liquidity for the $FANZ token at a reputable DEX will split a massive 1,000,000 $FANZ tokens on Halloween Night – 31st October 2022!

In order to participate, all you have to do is inform one of our admins on Telegram that there is either liquidity provided on a new DEX or a new pair created, and you will be included in our pool of liquidity providers who will split the 1,000,000 $FANZ. Participants with the highest volume would share from the pool of 1,000,000 $FANZ. 

Getting To Know FrontFanz

FrontFanz is a content subscription platform built on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. People can share their content as well as enjoy content without any fear of scrutiny, censorship, or privacy violations. Built by Rosey Sin and Stacey Carlaa, both of whom have over two decades of industry knowledge and experience, FrontFanz aims to benefit and protect both its users and creators as much as possible while providing the best service as well. 

Why You Should Be Interested In FrontFanz

  • No more third parties.
  • Zero censorship.
  • Deeper connection with fans.
  • Blockchain benefits, native FANZ token, discounts, and passive income.

FrontFanz has a deflationary token, FANZ, which is listed on the Polygon blockchain. The FANZ token has many utilities, such as: 

  • Voting Power.
  • In-Platform Purchases.
  • Staking.
  • Platform-Wide Discounts.
  • Access to FrontFanz MarketPlace.

FrontFanz was built not just to provide content for its users but also to create a safe space for content creators. A space where they’d be completely safe, accepted, protected, and valued as an important part of the ecosystem. That includes timely payments, no chargebacks, and no interference from third parties – something that similar platforms like Onlyfans face today. 

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