The New Generation Of DeFi Is Here: Make A Bank With Liquid Staking


Although it might be challenging to predict altcoins’ price in the bear market since everything is gradually going down, there are other ways to earn money in crypto. We all remember the insane returns Wonderland users received through staking the token TIME. And with the most recent feature of DeFi called liquid staking, the question of altcoin price prediction should be the least of your worries. 

Through staking, you can earn a return on your assets by contributing to the network, where you lock some cryptos into the staking pool. However, with liquid staking, you can receive a passive income while using a staking token and remaining fully in control of your funds without needing to lock them. A handful of projects made notable advancements in this field of DeFi, and one such is the CashFi project. 

A New Kid On The Block 

The CashFi (CFI) project is an integrated platform offering a wide range of DeFi services. CashFi will build the ideal ecosystem for providing top-tier liquid staking, NFT, and Synthetic Asset services by its default composition. 

CashFi plans to seize the opportunity to enter the commodities market with its CFI Synths in order to provide users with access to a wide range of commodity debt assets with high liquidity followed by organised trade, reduced legalities, and trust establishment. In doing so, CashFi (CFI) promises to provide staking infrastructure while contributing to the security of most digital networks worldwide.

The ERC-20 (CFI) token is the heart of the CashFi ecosystem, offering investors various benefits and use cases with a fixed asset total supply of 200,000,000 CFI. While navigating through CashFi’s platform, users will utilise the CFI token for a number of purposes, including: staking, governance, Bug Bounty, NFTs, and Hodling. 

Through staking, CFI would enable users to protect Proof-of-Stake platforms by ensuring 1:1 pegged ERC-20 liquid staking token representation on Ethereum, thus allowing them to unlock liquidity for staked assets. 

CashFi (CFI) also plans to introduce a quality cross-chain NFT marketplace with a platform explicitly meant for minting NFTs across different chains with intuitive UX and low operational fees. This platform will primarily be designed to favour creators and users by allowing creators to mint their NFTs easier than ever and sell them as quickly as possible. This marketplace will also enable creators to maintain the uniqueness of their favourite JPEGs. 

To capitalise on your gains in the upcoming CashFi project, you can purchase a CFI token using this presale link. Remember that the presale stage will only last until September, so you might want to get some CashFi (CFI) for yourself before it’s not too late. 

What To Make Of It

Not that many projects allow you to earn a passive income without overthinking about altcoins price prediction, the crypto market decline or other external factors. All you need to do is liquid-stake your tokens with CashFi (CFI) and enjoy the ride. 

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