The New England Patriots Explore The Potential Of Fans Tokens Through Socios

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Fan tokens have been an exciting addition to the crypto and blockchain space. While not everyone sees merit in supporting sports teams that way, The New England Patriots certainly do. A partnership with Socios will bring the first NFL fan token to this industry, but it will likely not be the last.

A New Era For The New England Patriots

  • Fan tokens are nothing new in the crypto and blockchain world.
  • Although their exact purpose remains limited, various soccer teams have a native token.
  • Traditionally, token holders can vote on decisions regarding their football club, even if it carries little weight.
  • However, fan tokens can enhance the overall experience as holders feel “more connected” to their team and the players.
  • One notably absent franchise from fan tokens is the NFL, despite the sport having millions of fans worldwide.
  • The New England Patriots may shake up that narrative following a partnership with Socios.
  • It is the first NFL deal with a fan token issuer.
  • Socios has partnered with 24 NBA teams, although U.S. securities laws remain tricky to navigate.
  • Through the Patriots Fan Predictions tokens, fans can earn rewards for answering game-related questions every week.
  • Those answers can be submitted via the website or mobile application.
  • No other specifics have been announced at this time, including a price for the token.
  • Socios has a direct partnership with Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution soccer team.
  • Through this deal, Socios has secured the first Major League Soccer Partnership. 
  • It is unclear if other NFL teams will pursue similar opportunities. 

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