The NAKAVERSE Public Land Officially Goes Live

CryptoMode NAKAVERSE Land Sale

Nakamoto Games, the premier play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, has announced that its public land sale is officially live. The land sale was initially announced in mid-April, and the development team has met the release deadline of April 22, as per the project roadmap.

Players can now visit the Nakamoto Games marketplace to purchase land and items such as copper, gems, grasslands, iron, wood, petrol, coal, desert, and urban areas.

The land sale is part of the exciting announcement of Nakamoto Games’ own metaverse – the NAKAVERSE. NAKAVERSE land plots are an integral part of the NAKAVERSE. Each piece of land has intrinsic value of its own and can be used to extract raw materials. These raw materials can be enhanced to make new assets and create in-game experiences. Land, assets, and experiences can all be leveraged to create an income for players within the NAKAVERSE. By combining resource mining, resource enhancement, player occupations (such as farmers, miners, and electricians), Nakamoto Games has created an in-game economy that is not only dynamic and interactive but mimics the real-world economy.

Of the proceeds from the land sale, 25% will be burned, and the remainder will be allocated to the Nakamoto Games reserve.

The sale is part of Nakamoto Games’ strategic roadmap of building out the NAKAVERSE, a dynamic virtual economy that mirrors the real world. Players will have the opportunity to buy parcels of land and build out their virtual world within the NAKAVERSE while participating in and creating competitions, games, in-game trade, and a wide variety of immersive experiences.

Nakamoto Games CEO Tor commented on the public land sale and said: “The public land sale is an exciting time for all of us at Nakamoto Games. It is an important milestone in our buildout of the NAKAVERSE, and it is one more stepping stone toward improving our dynamic, immersive, responsive, and income-generating virtual platform for all of our gamers around the world. Players can own in-game land and the assets needed for building experiences of their own. We’re excited to see what our thriving and innovative community of gamers and designers will do with the NAKAVERSE and we can’t wait for the next steps in our project roadmap to go live for all to enjoy.”

The land sale will be executed using smart contracts and buyers will be able to enjoy immediate access to their land plots while paying in installments of either 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 months. Furthermore, the land sale will be executed using the $NAKA token, as previously communicated by the Nakamoto Games team, an approach that provides $NAKA token holders with an additional utility feature for their token holdings.

The land sale is one of multiple recent development updates to come from the Nakamoto team, with the others being the development of a platform-native stablecoin called $USP, as announced here, and the release of new gaming titles and gaming campaigns, such as the Songkran Thai New Year campaign and the announcement of Nakamoto Games’ first SDK title called Outlanders.

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