The Mysterious Death of Dr. John Forsyth, Crypto Advocate and Co-founder of ONFO Coin

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In an unforeseen tragedy, the death of Dr. John Forsyth, co-founder of the reputable crypto project ONFO coin, has recently been confirmed following a week-long search. The authorities have reported no apparent evidence of foul play, shedding an enigmatic light on the unfortunate event.

Dr. John Forsyth’s Unusual Disappearance

Dr. John Forsyth was an acclaimed figure in cryptocurrency and a committed emergency room doctor at Mercy Hospital, Cassville, Missouri. 

His unanticipated absence from work on May 21st raised immediate concerns among his family members. Given his relentless dedication to his profession, his sudden no-show was perceived as an alarming anomaly by his relatives.

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Dr. Forsyth’s younger brother, Richard Forsyth, expressed his worry to the Daily Beast, stating that his brother’s absence from work was an “immediate red flag”. The anxiety intensified when Dr. Forsyth’s vehicle was found abandoned, merely a mile from the hospital, a week later.

The Enigma of Forsyth’s Abandoned Possessions

Forsyth’s items, including his wallet, passport, laptop, and work briefcase, were discovered within the unlocked vehicle. His cell phones, which he was known to have on his person constantly, were also found inside. 

This unexpected scenario led Richard Forsyth to remark to the Associated Press that it didn’t seem like his brother left with any deliberate plan.

Discovery of Forsyth’s Body and The Crypto Legacy

Despite the initial optimism, the family’s worst fears were confirmed on May 30th when Dr. Forsyth’s body was discovered an hour south from his last known location, bearing signs of a gunshot wound. However, the local authorities reaffirmed that there appeared to be no foul play involved in his untimely death.

At the age of 49, Dr. John Forsyth had already left a significant mark in the field of cryptocurrency. Together with his brother Richard, he had established the ONFO coin in 2020, a pioneering crypto project that emphasized “network mining”. The platform incentivizes users with coins for bringing in new referrals.

ONFO coin gained notoriety for its bold marketing strategies, including one video titled “THE U S DOLLAR IS DOOMED”. This video, shared on YouTube in 2021, illustrated the purported downfall of the U.S. dollar. However, the platform’s YouTube presence seemed to have remained dormant for the past year.

Forbes recognized Dr. Forsyth in 2020 as a “Bitcoin millionaire”, a testament to his early adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain technology during his undergraduate years studying mathematics.

The Troubling Trend in the Crypto World

Dr. Forsyth’s passing casts a shadow over the recent events of the crypto industry. A spate of mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of various crypto advocates has begun to emerge.

In a similar case in April, Bob Lee, the former technology chief at Square and creator of Cash App, was killed in a stabbing incident. While an arrest was made on April 13, the motive behind the attack remains undisclosed.

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