The most profitable games on bitcoin casinos

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    When you search through the web for casinos, you will find a lot of casinos are rapidly adopting cryptocurrencies as one of their deposit methods. Even though there are some casinos that are fully crypto-focused, many other casinos are joining the new crypto movement. The result is that more and more players are getting the needed value for their time and having more fun. 

    The great news is that all crypto casinos, including top Bitcoin casinos, offer all casino games you’d otherwise find in fiat casinos. This brings us to the question ‘what are the most profitable games to play?’. Many crypto casino enthusiasts ask this question, and we have decided to address it in this article. 

    Lucrative casino games on bitcoin casinos 

    In accessing the most profitable games, we consider important aspects of each game, such as RTP and house edge, RNG, widespread availability, and actual gameplay. 

    • Slots

    Slots are a part of casino gaming that has lived up to the expectations of many players. As much as slots are interesting and profitable, not all slots are profitable. As a game of chance, the industry-accepted average return to player percentage (RTP) is 96%, which brings the house edge to 4%. Now, it is worthy of mentioning that not all slots have this RTP, as some fall way below it. 

    This means that your focus should be the ones with a high RTP of 97% and above.  Some of such slots with high RTP include:

    • Ocean Princess with 99% RTP
    • Ugga Bugga with 99.07% RTP
    • Mega Joker with 99% RTP
    • Book of 99 with 99% RTP 
    • Ooh Aah Dracula with 99% RTP
    • Monopoly Big Event with 99% RTP 

    Playing these games will mean that in the long run, the house edge will not go less than 1%.

    • Blackjack 

    Blackjack is a casino game that has built momentum in both land-based and online casinos. It is a game that has to do with strategy and planning, which makes the game quite interesting to play. You will have to play your way to the highest card value closest to 21 and not bust. The striking thing about blackjack is that the house edge can fall below 1% when you play some versions. 

    Having a basic strategy can reduce the house edge around 0.35% to 0.4% in some casinos. For instance, playing on the following games can offer huge profits in the long run:

    • Vegas Downtown Blackjack with 0.39% house edge
    • Single-deck Blackjack has 0.13%
    • Vegas Blackjack house edge can be as low as 0.4%
    • Spanish 21 with 0.38% house edge
    • Blackjack Switch stands at 0.17%.

    You can learn basic strategies to keep your house edge lower than average.

    • Video Poker 

    Just like other casino games, video poker has a lot of interesting gameplay that can also reward you lucratively. A lot of players even prefer to play Video poker at bitcoin casinos, simply because of the seamless gameplay it provides. But beyond the seamless gameplay is the fact that it also has a low house edge, fair odds, and fully profitable rewards.  

    Some variants have been reported to have a  RTP exceeding 100%, and in our gameplay, we can attest to this. This means that you could be playing a game that can averagely award more than the actual value you have put in the long run. It is also notable that different variations of online video poker are being developed to cater to the needs of different players.    

    Some highly lucrative video poker games to try out are:

    • Deuces Wild comes with RTP of 100.76% 
    • Double Bonus Poker with a 100.17% RTP
    • Pick’em Poker with 99.9% RTP
    • Joker’s Wild has 100.09% RTP.


    Baccarat is a favourite game for many casino players who like to keep it simple. It has rules that you can easily understand and adapt to, while enjoying your gameplay. Baccarat can reward you handsomely if you play with real money at regulated casinos and win. 

    The game has different odds for different games, and you must always take note of these odds. Similar to other games, the house edge and RTP will guarantee what you can get in winnings in the long run. There are 3 bets you can make essentially – banker, player and tie bet. 

    The banker bet has a house edge of 1.06%, the player bet 1.24%, and the tie bet 14.4%. In essence, it’s best to avoid the tie bet at all times when playing baccarat. You may decide to research before playing this awesome game at a bitcoin casino.


    Roulette is yet another massively popular online casino classic game both for hybrid and bitcoin casinos. A lot of players across different parts of the world play the game with the expectation of taking home some cool rewards. Speaking of rewards, roulette generally has different variations, and these variations have different house edges.

    Like other games, the house edge should be a determinant of the rewards you can get. Different variations have the following house edge:

    • American Roulette has 5.3% house edge 
    • European Roulette comes with 2.7% house edge
    • French Roulette offers a house edge of 1.35%.

    With the above details of house edge, we strongly recommend French Roulette, since it offers the least house advantage over your wager. This means it has the potential of handing out the most profits if you eventually win.

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