The Most Popular DeFi And NFT Projects On The TRON Blockchain

CryptoMode TRON SUN DeFi

Even though many people discount TRON as a DeFi and NFT blockchain, statistics clearly show otherwise. Several projects note a strong growth in active users and transactions, which is rather telling. Moreover, it is an exciting ecosystem that provides numerous opportunities for those willing to take a look. 


The popular TRON-based decentralized trading protocol for automated liquidity provision creates an open financial market accessible to everyone. The JustSwap protocol supports various TRON-based assets, allowing users to exchange value freely and benefit from TRON’s low fees and fast transactions. With nearly 106,000 users in a month, it is by far the most popular DeFi project in this ecosystem.


When NFTs were announced for TRON, many people showed initial excitement. The venture has proven successful so far, with TPunks being the more popular project of them all. It is a project similar to CryptoPunks but on the TRON blockchain, and it has traded nearly $18 million in volume so far. The monthly active user base sits at 20,600, which is still relatively good. 

Infinity Stones

As another DeFi contender on the TRON blockchain, Infinity Stones spans two DeFi tokens and three Farming contracts. Users can benefit from one-click staking, locked liquidity, and multiple pools. As decentralized finance remains a significant trend in crypto and blockchain, the 20,200 monthly active users are a step in the right direction for this blockchain. 


Most NFT enthusiasts will know Meebits as a popular collection on OpenSea. However, there is also a TRON-based counterpart, aptly named TronMeebits. A fascinating correlation between NFTs on these different blockchains, although copying existing projects will only get so much done. Even so, TronMeebits has 18.600 monthly active users, which is rather impressive.


As the leading NFT marketplace on the Tron blockchain, Kraftly fulfills a crucial ecosystem role. The decentralized marketplace supports NFTs, rare digital items, and collectibles through minting, trading, and collecting. Last month, 16,800 users made their way to Kraftly, confirming the demand for NFTs on TRON is picking up. 

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