The Most Common Myths about Online Slot Games

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Slots have been around for decades, and gamblers have developed a few mistaken beliefs about these casino games. Myths are formed by players who don’t understand that these free slots no deposit UK games are based on random chance and luck. They attach all kinds of superstitions to them based on something they once heard.

Regardless of the reasons they exist, the fact remains that there are lots of myths out there that are regularly repeated. This article covers all the popular myths and explains the actual truth.

Hot and Cold Streaks

Some players believe that the casino operator controls slots to give the outcome of each spin. During hot streaks, the slot pays out constantly, and during cold streaks, the slot barely pays out. They believe slots are controlled this way, which is not valid. Slot machines use Random Number Generator to determine the outcome of each spin.

The RNG algorithm ensures that each spin is random, and such streaks are simply because of a short-term deviation from what is statistically likely. Anything can happen in slots; it all comes down to luck.

High rollers and VIPs are more Likely to Win the Jackpot

Another myth most people believe is that high rollers and VIP players in a casino are the only players who can win the jackpot. They think that since they are the most trusted and casual players, the casino will favour them by helping them trigger the jackpot.

Slots are games of chance, and anyone can win progressive jackpots. The only limited truth to this myth is some progressive slots require a high bet to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. High rollers and VIPs place higher bets for a greater chance of hitting the jackpot, but casinos don’t in any way dictate which players win and lose.

A Slot That Has Recently Paid a Jackpot Can’t Pay Out Another Soon

People believe that when a slot has paid out a jackpot, there is no way it will pay another in that time. A slot can pay out jackpots in succession. Slot games are random, and the chances of winning are irrelevant to previous spins. Winning combinations and sequences are all triggered randomly.

Autoplay Pays Less Than Spinning the Reels Manually

The way a slot machine is operated does not in any way influence the flow of payouts. Autoplay is a feature available to players who want to automate the reels and have fast-paced gameplay.

Slots Payout in Predictable Cycles

Some players record the results of every outcome to detect winning and losing cycles. This is entirely not true because, as mentioned earlier, slot games are games of chance controlled by a random number generator. Therefore, you cannot predict how a spin is about to pay out by using the result of the previous spin. No predetermined losing or winning cycles are used.

In conclusion, many slot myths revolve around rigged games or how slots are poorly programmed. Slots are entertaining, and you should play them to have fun. You’ll be disappointed if you go in with a mindset of hitting the jackpot based on myths and half-truths.


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