The Most Awaited NFT Marketplace Is All Set To Launch After Massive Sucess in its Cricket NFT Drop

The Most Awaited Jump.Trade Marketplace Is All Set To Launch

NFTs are the real hype now. They are not just digital assets anymore. Some are now the key to opening a plethora of possible utilities. One such NFT collection that created a buzz in the community is Jump. trade. Powered by Guardianlink, launched the first-ever Cricket NFT collection that was all sold out the moment they were launched. This NFT collection will allow the users to enjoy a P2E, AI-powered Metaverse NFT cricket game. To make it simple, you buy NFTs, use them to play cricket in the Metaverse, and earn at the same time. Interesting right?

Even when the NFT market was at its low, this NFT collection was sold out, and there was even a heated bidding space that attracted the whole NFT community to the platform. The craze of cricket is real, and when it comes along with NFTs, the response is double-fold. Missed the launch, or are you interested in getting your hands on these precious NFTs in the market? is here to give you another chance with NFT marketplace to initiate the secondary sale! The Initial Launch

Asking me about the Initial launch that happened on 22nd April? I’ll answer in 3 letters! WAR!. It was a real war. The last 3 months have seen a little downfall in the NFT sales volume, which insisted the NFT market is a bit down. But sold out all the 55,000 Cricket based NFTs in less than 9 minutes. Can you believe it? Is it cricket? NFT? Or the metaverse game? I can’t say which contributed the most to this grand success. 

The Super Loot NFTs have priced at $25 dollars each, depicting a cricket player or a Cricket bat signed by a player. It was also announced that there would be a treasure box waiting for those who purchased more than 5 NFTs from the collection. This made a lot of fans to pre-book their NFTs to get an assured allocation. Later after the launch, the fans with more than 5 super loot NFTs were given a treasure box which made them owners of ETH coins!

Just that? There is more! 

The Bidding War!

Apart from the Super loot NFTs that were put up for a direct buy option, there was 3 NFT collection put up for Auctions with the base price of $25. The 3 NFT collections were the 1983 Meta cricket collection, 2003 Meta cricket collection, and 2011 Meta cricket collection. These collections have NFTs of one Meta Batsman and one Meta Bowler, which is a playable and upgradable NFT. This has increased the value of the NFTs to a great extent that, 

  • The 1983 Meta cricket NFT was sold for a mindblowing $7000
  • The 2003 Meta cricket NFT was sold for a rip-roaring $6000
  • The 2011 Meta cricket NFT was sold for an astounding $11,111

The bidding was a real war that made the spectators spellbound by the unstoppable increase in the price. These NFTs minted in the Polygon will be the access to the world’s first NFT-based Metaverse game. NFT marketplace

You must have heard of many metaverse games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and more. But This Meta cricket will be the first of its kind that will help the players to earn on playing the game. The cricket and gaming community has shown an overwhelming response to this platform and the detailed roadmap in Jump. trade is giving exciting news too. We can jump over it later. Now coming back, it is mentioned in the Road map that the launch of the marketplace will be during the Second quarter of 2022. 

As promised, the marketplace is all set to launch on 4th May 2022, 6.00 pm IST. Yes! If you are eagerly waiting to get your hands on the NFT collection, you missed during the launch, or if you are eager to sell or Buy other NFTs in the collection, Brace Yourself. Jump to the website now and join the waitlist now. Remember, every fan who funded the wallet joined the waitlist and pre-booked the NFTs, and got their fair allocation. 

Are these NFTs worth buying in the Secondary sale?

If you didn’t witness that 55,000 NFT getting sold in 9 minutes, or if you didn’t get to watch those three biddings in the auctions, you must still be questioning whether these NFTs are worth Buying in the secondary sale? Here are some facts to ensure you that these NFTs will definitely bring you the joy and fortune from playing the Meta cricket game.

  • These NFTs are high in demand as many fans tried to purchase the super loot NFTs but failed. They all will be bucking up for the NFT marketplace eagerly.
  • There was active bidding on the platform for NFT drop that fans might return with a bulky wallet to get them back at the marketplace launch.
  • These NFTs will give you the access to play the first-ever metaverse game.
  • Owning these NFTs will give you the opportunity to take part in an emerging ecosystem that will hit big in the NFT space.
  • Since the project is developing at the right place as per the plan, the project will hit the Metaverse soon. It is possible for the players to own stadiums and practice areas that will be a part of the meta cricket game.
  • The Meta cricket league with auctioning players will also help players to earn while playing.
  • These are not just NFT collections but an evolving ecosystem that will get a brighter spotlight in the NFT community.


Jump. trade marketplace is the most awaited platform in the NFT community. With over forty thousand plus viewers of the launch, this marketplace will be the greatest hit of this year. Take part in this ecosystem as an early adopter and get exciting preferences. The primary buyers are already started getting a chance to receive the airdrop of GL coins, which will be the native coins for the ecosystem. Do register yourself on the official site, and stay loaded for the hunt on 4th May 2022, 6.00 pm IST!

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