The Litecoin Network Processed Over $100 Billion in Transactions Last Year

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Litecoin is one of the most popular alternative cryptocurrencies on the market today. It remains a very active network across the board, despite being overlooked quite often.

In terms of value being transferred over the network, Litecoin is in a very good place.

Litecoin had a Good Year in 2019

Sustaining the use of any crypto ecosystem has proven very challenging for any project that isn’t the original Bitcoin.

The numbers for different cryptocurrencies will vary greatly, albeit Litecoin’s statistics have proven to be fairly spectacular.

More specifically, the network handled over $100 billion in transactions throughout the year 2019.

Very impressive statistics, for a currency that has seemingly received a lot of negative attention in the past year or so.

As impressive as these figures may be, however, it is a significant decrease compared to 2018.

That year was still part of the previous mega bull trend affecting all of the cryptocurrency markets.

At that time, billions of dollars worth of LTC changed hands on the network virtually every day.

At the same time, 2019 was the time of Litecoin’s second block reward halving,.

Such a development often has a positive impact on the network, and Litecoin did not disappoint.

How the statistics will look in 202 and beyond, remains to be determined.

Cryptocurrencies are still in a very early stage of adoption, and these numbers are hardly comparable to what traditional financial networks process every year.

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