The KuCoin Trading Bot Celebrates Its First Anniversary With $100,000 Worth Of Bonus And NFT Airdrops


Cryptocurrency exchanges continue to push the boundaries of making crypto trading more accessible to their users. For example, KuCoin, the major trading platform, celebrates the first anniversary of its Trading Bot product through an NFT airdrop.

KuCoin Trading Bot Success

Trading bots have become an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry over the past few years. Rather than manually timing market entries and exits, a trading bot can do all of the heavy lifting on behalf of its user. In addition, it is a simple way to begin trading cryptocurrencies or finetune one’s strategy. As more exchanges start to support this trading style natively, the next wave of crypto adoption may be around the corner.

KuCoin Crypto Exchange, one of the leading global crypto trading platforms, integrated its Trading Bot a year ago. Since then, over 5,5 million bots have been created and deployed by traders. But, more importantly, users pocketed their share of roughly $150 million in profit, confirming the KuCoin Trading Bot is a powerful and versatile tool.  

The KuCoin Trading Bot lets users achieve a passive income stream through its built-in automated trading strategies. Deploying the Trading Bot yields a zero-cost, time-saving, and convenient trading tool for all investors and their risk appetites. Additionally, the Bot performs well in bullish, bearish, or volatile market conditions. Every market shift is an opportunity for profit. 

The KuCoin Trading Bot was deployed by over 300,000 users within the first month of launching. The choice for the Spot Grid strategy provided immensely successful, allowing trades to earn money from every small market change across the various trading pairs. The Bot supports five strategies today, including DCA, Futures Grid, Infinity Grid, and Smart Rebalance. Users can experiment with these strategies across 665 trading pairs for spot trading and 70 trading markets for futures contracts.

A Celebratory NFT Airdrop And Other Prizes

One year after launching the Trading Bot, KuCoin’s solution continues to gain momentum. It is a powerful tool that many traders appreciate. Moreover, it has a proven track record of helping users make money or dollar-cost averaging their portfolio, both of which are crucial elements when dealing with volatile crypto assets. 

KuCoin Global CEO Johnny Lyu comments:

“As an auto-investment tool, the KuCoin Trading Bot simplifies the investment process for users, thus becoming an ideal product for crypto newcomers who seek to earn passive income. Such products are essential for us to facilitate crypto mass adoption. In 2022, we will develop more Trading Bot strategies to satisfy the diversified investment needs and growing demands of KuCoin users.”

To celebrate the first anniversary of the KuCoin Trading Bot, a special carnival will launch on January 18, 2022. Users can partake in a giveaway spanning airdrops and up to $100,000 in bonuses. Airdrops will include limited NFTs, rebase coupons, newcomer benefits, and much more. 

The limited NFTs – dubbed Lomens – are made up of 10,000 bots with different looks and unique features. All NFTs will be tradeable in the KCC NFT marketplace shortly. 

KuCoin is one of the top five crypto exchanges globally and was named as one of the Best Crypto Exchanges for 2021 by Forbes

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