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Booster pool is a new liquidity management service designed for Uniswap v3 by Trinity Lab. The integration of the Booster pool project for Uniswap v3 is to ensure sublime efficiency, and yield results in active pools of liquidity providers. 

Booster pool automatically manages liquidity on Uniswap v3 for a liquidity provider. To generate greater efficiency, it concentrates liquidity to earn maximum yields, and it is designed to automatically adjust its range orders as the underlying price moves. This is to ensure that it continues to capture fees because the fundamental possibility of our pool is to help bring the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) to individual parties.

The booster pool’s functionality allows smart strategies and automatic position rebalancing. There are four types of rebalancing strategies available to utilize on the Booster pool which include;

  • No rebalancing
  • Basic rebalancing
  • Regular rebalancing
  • Soft range rebalancing

Trinity Lab is a blockchain software researchers and engineering team. It is a blockchain technology-inclined team that seeks to integrate products and help developers build next-generation networks and applications. 

The competent balancing and rebalancing of liquidity in the pool by the Booster pool is a remarkable strategy that will help revolutionize liquidity management for the greater good.

Finally, the Booster pool has automatic commission reinvestment that provides general profit with the maximization of your strategy without even bothering you. The gas savings are achieved through direct interaction with the farming pools without third-party contracts. A verified smart contract ensures the inviolability of funds.

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