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The Gamerse Social Wallet – Closing the Gap Between NFT Gaming Ecosystems

Think about this: what’s the point of a social media app without a cell phone?

Sure, you can still hop on your computer to chat with your friends. But one of the main driving forces behind the explosion of social media is the use of smartphones. The access is immediate, and it goes where you go. 

Gamerse unifies the NFT gaming ecosystem and brings everyone to one place. It’s a great place to keep up-to-date and meet new people, but what happens when you and your friends go in separate directions?

Xbox, Steam, Blizzard, and others all have a unified messaging system that allows you to continue chatting with your friends even when you are playing different games. If you are using Discord, your friends can even watch you play. 

These innovations weren’t even on the horizon for NFT gaming. The Gamerse Social Wallet is a fast-tracking utility for NFT gamers. Why should they live without it? 

This specialized crypto wallet will be compatible with every game within Gamerse’s unified ecosystem, joining them all under one dashboard. From here, you will see your MyGamerse profile, your cryptocurrencies, and your NFTs.

It will have a built-in chat feature, text, voice, and video, bringing a social layer to the platform as a whole and other games or metaverses that might not have their own chat systems. It will also let you stream your games to your friends and followers. These streams can even integrate with Gamerse’s Share-to-Earn model, which will help you earn rewards just for playing. 

Finally, it will connect with the outside world by allowing you to lend virtual land, send crypto in Web2 format, and will be able to withdraw and deposit fiat. 

These utilities aren’t new. Gamerse combines them and how the Social Wallet synergizes with Gamerse’s platform, making it unique. The world of NFT gaming has been spread out thin since its inception. Now, it will have a standardized HUD. 

Gamerse will release the Social Wallet in stages to ensure the pieces are in working order. Until then, stay tuned for news and new releases.

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