The Future of Payments in the Digital Age

future of payments

Could cash be quickly going the way of the dinosaur? The global payment industry is moving towards an entirely digital state. In fact, over 40% of Americans do not use cash in any given week. Paper money has lost relevance across the world, making way for the more modern consumer to thrive.


From cryptocurrency payments to online payment applications, online transactions are taking many industries by storm. Specifically, the casino world has benefitted from digital payment methods. Across the world, online casino payouts are starting to gain legality. Many banks are also capitalizing on forms of digital currency to further their reach.

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According to experts, the future is bright for all forms of digital payment. Nearly all global territories have seen increases in all payment revenue, showing the true benefits of this movement. The days of paper and physical payments are long behind us, and the popularity of digital payment will continue to grow. Learn more about the future of payments in the infographic below:

The Future of Payments in the Digital Age is Upon Us

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