The Future of Glasses

future of eyewear

Eyeglasses, as we all know, are extremely common these days, with about 126 million Americans sporting these face accessories. 

They were invented in Italy in the 13th century and were originally made of crude, glass-blown lenses fitted into wooden or leather frames. These wearables which are now as common as to become virtual defining parts of our facial features, have come an extraordinarily long way since then. 

Less than two decades ago, glasses could still be seen as a cumbersome, and unseemly necessity. Today, however, most people are viewing their glasses as part of their fashion statements, which could be why we’ve gone from buying one pair per year to buying multiple pairs, regardless of their still hefty price tag. 

We have a plethora of choices to make, from frame styles to lens preferences, such as scratch-resistant, anti-fog, anti-reflective, and UV protective coatings. Not only that, but new technologies are also being incorporated into eyewear, making them a valuable tool regardless of one’s personal eyesight. 

Learn more about the future of glasses below:

Looking Up. The Future of Eyewear Is Shining Bright

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