The Future of Crypto Payment Processing is Changing with Remuno Entering The Market


Although it has existed for thirteen years, cryptocurrencies have become one of the most discussed digital components on the internet. This is primarily because of their decentralised nature that permits inexpensive, secure and unrestrictive finances. 

Other than the average joe looking for new methods of income, e-commerce businesses are now beginning to acknowledge the importance and popularity of cryptocurrencies in modern-day society. 

Thus, they are starting to incorporate crypto payment providers, platforms that enable customers to purchase goods and services with crypto rather than traditional currencies

A new crypto payment provider that will soon make its debut in the market is Remuno – which could be a viable solution for the development of blockchain technology and internet shopping. 

Remuno – The New and Improved Internet Payment System

Remuno is a newly improved crypto payment processor that aims to revolutionise and integrate cryptocurrencies into e-commerce businesses. The platform has a simple three-step process that enables the acceptance of crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and 95% used in the market share of which could be used during checkout.

It is an outlet that aims to eliminate complexity when accepting crypto payments, to increase revenue in the retail market while providing another viable alternative to traditional payment methods. 

The first step for a business to incorporate Remuno onto their platform is to directly contact the organisation, where they would then forward you a sign-up form. Once this form is completed, you would then be able to select an integration tool, which would range from API and PlugIn tools that are both soon to be launched. 

All that would be remaining to do is place the ‘checkout in crypto’ button on your website, giving a clear indication to customers that they have this option. Customers can then click this button, which would then allow them to select a cryptocurrency. 

Once the coin is chosen, users can send payments to the deposit address and then a transaction notification is received to confirm payment. Remuno does not plan to be a direct competitor of payment processors that use traditional currencies digitally such as PayPal. Instead, the institution aims to be a subsidiary alternative for those who have a preference for using cryptocurrencies to purchase goods from retailers. 

Essentially, Remuno is one of the most innovative crypto payment processors with a huge amount of potential. The institution believes that its simplicity, user-friendliness and efficiency will win the eyes of merchants. 

Ultimately, Remuno expects to pioneer the facilitation of cryptocurrency usage online, which would undoubtedly contribute to the normalisation of cryptocurrencies being used for customers purchasing products and e-commerce businesses using as a tool for more financial revenue. 

Want to find out more about Remuno? Check out their website

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