The Future Of Business Is Here: Why VoIP Will Permanently Change The Way We See And Do Business


For so long, we’ve relied on landlines for communication. So long, in fact, that this tech remained practically unchanged for more than a century. Sure, there have been upgrades like wireless landlines, but none of them change in a real way how remote communication is done. After all, you’d still need your copper wires to get and receive data from whoever is on the other line.

But that’s the thing of the past now. Thanks to companies like Telnum that are providing superior virtual numbers not reliant on extremely outdated tech, you can take things to the next level… for now. Because in the future, it’s going to be the norm.

And the evidence is right before our eyes. Landlines are slowly being driven into obsolescence, while all mobile devices are internet-ready. We’re slowly inching ourselves to integrating everything with the internet. So if you want to maximize the benefits, it’s best that you get on board right now.

VoIP: What do we know about it?

As hard as it may be to believe, chances are you’re already using this. If you’ve ever called someone using the internet, that’s it!

In essence, it follows the same concept of remote calling, but better. Here, the information is sent via the internet and received the same way. And it’s all happening in real-time, so the general experience is pretty much the same with your everyday landline. 

Why is it going to be the norm soon?

It’s not because we just want the new great thing because the truth is, VoIP tech didn’t receive the same hurrah that smartphones or AI got. But looking at these reasons, it definitely is just as important as the more popular technologies of our time:

  1. It’s a lot cheaper

Normally with new technology, they’re pricier compared to their older counterparts. But that isn’t the case with VoIP. Here are just a few ways that it cuts costs for your business:

  • No additional equipment is needed. If you want, you can just use whatever device – whether phones or laptops – to get started. You can even maximize the use of your landlines for office employees by just buying an adaptor for VoIP.
  • No charge for international calls. Get a number from an area where your company normally gets clients, and you’ll never have to pay this charge ever again.
  • No long-term commitment. You shouldn’t have to pay for something you don’t need or want anymore. Terminate your service whenever you want.
  • No need to get a business phone. Instead, your employees can just install their provider’s app on their existing device. And this in itself would already act as the business phone.

And these are just the savings. Even without considering everything else that’s so great about VoIP, it already makes sense from a financial perspective.

2. It’s a lot more flexible

Again, you don’t have to sign a year-long contract and be stuck with it. But there are more ways that it allows you flexibility. For one, you can connect your VoIP number with multiple devices at the same time. This means that you don’t have to carry any specific device with you all the time.

Plus, it’s great because you can easily expand or reduce the number of lines you have. VoIP allows you to use your resources in the most efficient way possible. You can even hire people no matter where they are in the world for as long as they have a stable internet connection.

3. There are a lot of features

Fancy features used to be hidden behind a huge paywall that only bigger companies can breach. But that’s not the case anymore.

To start, VoIP providers normally offer features that you normally have to pay extra for free. And anything else that you need, you get for a fraction of its price with a landline. Do you know how they always say that the internet is limitless? Because everything here happens on the internet, there’s practically no limit to the features that you can get with the right provider.

4. It improves efficiency

Here’s the general rule: the more equipment you have, the more you’d spend on repair and maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you get top-of-the-line quality. Its condition will still deteriorate in the future.

And during those periods of maintenance and repair, your office would be left with a limited communications system. This can mean unanswered calls from potential clients or a few employees with nothing to do for a few days.

Because VoIP is always up and running, this won’t be an issue so your resources are all efficiently used all the time.

No doubt that VoIP will take over landlines for business communication. The only question is if you’ll recognize its value early on and reap the rewards. The future of your enterprise is in your hands.

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