The FortniteBR Community Shows a Healthy Appreciation for Reddit’s new Tokens

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Now that individual subreddits have begun issuing their native tokens, it will be interesting to see what happens next. The FortniteBR community is getting a lot more engagement for its own token compared to the cryptocurrency one.

How viable all of these tokens will be in the long run, is anyone’s guess.

FortniteBR Users Show a big Interest in Bricks

Reddit has allowed these tokens – referred to as Community Points – to be created as some sort of an experiment. 

Through this unit of ownership, the individual communities receive “value”, and users can purchase premium features, or as a unit of reputation.

All points are issued in the form of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Individual users control the private keys of the vault associated with their username, as well as the tokens themselves. 

So far, it appears that the cryptocurrency subreddit has nearly 1,884 token holders.

That is a positive number, although the FortniteBR community has higher numbers, with 7.578 holders.

It also appears that this latter community notes more token transfers, compared to /r/cryptocurrency.

How these statistics will evolve over the coming weeks and months, can be monitored through a new tool developed by DappRadar.

All in all, these developments paint an interesting outlook for the future. 

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