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The first NeuroNet for DeFi cryptocurrency trading created on the basis of NeuroNet GPT

The evolution in the cryptosphere is amazing in its scope. Every year there are more and more interesting DeFi projects that make decent passive income. The year 2023 will explode the crypto industry with brand new innovations and solutions.

Ample DeFi NeuroNet is one of such projects that could open up new horizons in this niche. This is a neural network trained to trade on DEX exchanges with the help of mining pools.

The platform has already started its work and the first thing to note is that the both Ample NeuroNet smart contracts have been audited by Coinsult and received the highest security rating, as well as received confirmation of the absence of technical errors. This means that the users’ investments are safe.

This project has been created by the real professionals, who have huge experience in the crypto industry. All the Ample team members are represented on the website and each of them has a profile in LinkedIn, where there is all the information from previous places of work. Also, the managers of all directions, headed by CEO David Mitchell, have been checked by KYC, the results of which you can read on the website.

Ample NeuroNet is the best DeFi solution for stable passive income. The neural network quickly conducts a complete analysis of all kinds of trades on DEX exchanges and identifies the most promising of them, and automatically enters transactions without human factor. Thus it increases the investor’s income 24 hours a day.

Due to the unique work based on GPT algorithms, the developers guarantee the highest fix interest in the mining pools, up to 7.18% daily.

Also, a two-level referral program has been created in order to increase the investor’s income. Thanks to it users can get additional 5% from 1st level referral’s deposit and 3% from the 2nd level referral’s deposit.

What does the Neuronet workflow consist of?

Using special algorithms, the neural network simultaneously analyzes 7 decentralized exchanges, relying only on objective data and excluding human errors. Finding the most promising entry points, the neuronet immediately opens a trade. Thus, it works much faster than any existing trading bot.

The investor’s daily income depends on the mining pool he/she chooses. At the moment, there are two mining pools available for use – BNB Miner with 7.18% daily income and BUSD with 5.21% daily income. But soon will be opened a third pool USDT miner and announced its fixed percentage yield. Users are given the opportunity to invest in two pools at once, in order to profit in different tokens.

The key factors proving the effectiveness of Ample NeuroNet.

This project can rightly be considered outstanding in its niche. And this is evidenced by the following factors:

  • The developers have taken care of the absence of risk of losing a deposit for an investor and have made sure that only the working capital, which consists of the accumulated profit, is involved in trading operations.
  • The neural network has passed numerous tests and checks, which proved the efficiency and accuracy of DEX exchanges analysis and the complete absence of the probability of errors.
  • The speed of making a decision and bringing a deal from analysis to profit is just shocking. And for sure no profitable transaction will be missed by the sharp eye of Ample DeFi NeuroNet.

How to become the Investor?

In order to start enjoying all the privileges of Ample NeuroNet and receive a stable passive income up to 7.18% daily, you need to enter the ‘Mining’ section on the website, choose the mining pool you want to invest in and make the desired deposit. Making money with Ample DeFi NeuroNet is very easy!

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