The First Electricity Provider to Adopt Blockchain Has Launched Its Private Sale in August With 35% Discount


Since the first ICO held by Mastercoin in July 2013, the market has come a long way through ups, downs and stalemates. Although the way of raising funds for a blockchain project became popular much later in 2017, for the past 2 and a half years the dynamic of the market has been unmatched. The pioneering projects on the market enjoyed enormous attention – in the early phases of the emergence of the ICO market, the success rates of Initial Coin Offerings and their overall funding were much higher than they are today. 

However, this phase did not last long – scammers and fake companies were quick to notice the possibility for a cash grab in a still unregulated market where no one had any experience in yet. Since then, we have witnessed a considerable decline in the overall success rate and funding acquired by ICOs. Meanwhile, new forms of fundraising similar to ICOs appeared, namely Security Token Offerings that are quite similar to the traditional IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). Recently, the term IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) started coming up and has positioned itself as the “new ICO”.

Many argue that the new terms are just the old wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, much has changed on the market in the past two years in terms of regulation and market maturity. Today the success of your campaign does not depend on what type of fundraising you have decided on – if your project is not innovative and you do not have the expertise to make it happen, failure is imminent.

One well known company on the German and Austrian energy market with over 10 years of market experience has been working towards becoming the first energy supply company to adopt blockchain technology.

The LCG Energy project

The LCG Energy project creates an energy ecosystem powered by the LCG platform and the LCG Token.

The LCG platform will facilitate all operations made with the LCG token. In its initial version, it will allow direct customers of LCG to pay for their electricity bills with LCG tokens. At the same time, all token holders will have access to the marketplace of the platform where they will be able to pick investments opportunities in renewable energy projects.

As an energy contractor, LCG Energy has been installing Smart Meters for businesses and households for the past 4 years. Smart Meters are digital electrical meters that collect data about the energy consumption and transmit it to a data point in real time. They propose far more functionalities compared to traditional meters – since data about the consumption is transmitted in real time, the receiving end (LCG Energy) can process this data and create tailored-made, individual strategies that will aid users to reduce their costs with up to 20%. Smart Meters will be integrated with blockchain technology and the LCG platform, giving users valuable market insight and functionalities that have never been possible before.

The LCG Token

The LCG utility token is the main component in the architecture and economy of the LCG Energy ecosystem. Initially, the token will be the currency used on the platform, which will be exchangeable for real energy in form of fuel bought on the energy markets.

It is important to point out that 80% of the proceedings will be used to purchase energy on the open markets and to invest in renewable energy projects. With the combined investment power of the community and the expertise of LCG Energy in buying and investing in the energy markets, the synergy effects will lead to a rising price of the LCG Token and overall lower prices of energy for the end consumers who are direct customers of LCG.

For those who are not direct customers of the company, the token will be usable as an investment tool – the LCG platform will be offering a marketplace with renewable energy projects which have been evaluated by LCG Energy before their submission to the marketplace. Only the most profitable and promising projects will be listed. Furthermore, each of these projects will be registered in land registers. A land registration is carried out by a governmental body and provides protection against fraudulent behavior and full disclosure to the general public.

A total of 2,500,000,000 LCG tokens will be issued, with 1.750.000.000 LCG to be sold in three stages: Private-sale, Pre-Sale, Main Sale.


  •     Dates: 01.08.2019 — 31.10.2019                         
  •     Hard cap in Private-Sale: 350,000,000 LCG
  •     Minimum Buying Amount: 5000 EUR
  •     Bonus on the Private-Sale Stage is 35%


  •     Date Pre-Sale: 01.11.2019 — 31.12.2019
  •     Minimum Buying Amount: 1000 EUR
  •     Hard Cap: 525,000,000 LCG
  •     Bonus on the Pre-Sale Stage is 15%

Main sale:

  •     Dates: 01.01.2020 — 29.02.2020
  •     Price: 1 LCG = 0,10 EUR
  •     Hard Cap: 875,000,000 LCG

The funds raised during the token sale will be distributed as follows:

  •     14% Marketing
  •     6% Development
  •     80% Energy reserves and investments in renewable energy projects

The LCG token sale has started on the first of August. The first phase will last until the end of October and will offer 35% bonus tokens on all investments. Visit and secure your LCG tokens at the reduced price. Those that are planning investments less than 5000 EUR can still get 15% bonus tokens on their purchase during the pre sale, which will commence on the 1st of November this year and will last until the 31st of December.

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