The Ethereum Holder Club Keeps Growing Rapidly

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It will not surprise many people, but the Ethereum holder club is expanding rapidly. The recent price increase will certainly contribute to the overall demand for this asset. Holding 0.01 ETH is a smart way to earn some future money.

Ethereum Holder Club Increases

There is a good reason to own at least one cryptocurrency in 2021 and beyond. Whether that cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or something else, is a matter of personal preference. Today, it would appear more people are interested in acquiring some small amounts of Ethereum. Diversifying is crucial when getting involved with cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum is an essential asset for many people.

Currently, over 14.5 million addresses are holding 0.01 ETH or more. That is a substantial amount, although that translates to just 1.45 million ETH – or more – being held by these wallets. What is even more interesting is how there seem to be new holders every single day, indicating the overall increase in Ethereum’s popularity and appeal. 

CryptoMode Ethereum Holder Club
Source: Glassnode

Considering how Ethereum has no official supply cap at this time, one has to wonder whether that will affect the demand for this particular asset. Although a lot of funds are being sent to the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract as well, there will not necessarily be a decrease in the circulating liquidity right away. That may limit the upward price potential a bit, although there is no reason for concern just yet.

For the time being, things are looking promising for Ethereum. Its price is moving up slowly and contains to note strong gains over Bitcoin as well. The ETH/BTC ratio has surpassed 0.05 BTC for the first time in ages. Reaching a new all-time high of over 0.16BTC per ETH will prove difficult, but nothing is impossible in this industry. 

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