The emergence of scalable and upgradable NFTs is increasing rapidly, and Versailles Heroes is taking the lead

Versailles Heroes

Owning a rarer NFT frequently implies higher awards and a better chance of winning the battle in GameFi. The opportunity to mint a rare asset is a vital engagement aspect in NFT mints, but a new intriguing opportunity has emerged: upgradeable or scalable NFTs. A few metaverse games, such as Versailles Heroes, dominate this market.

The problem with the conventional rarity model is that most users become priced out, which can have a negative impact on involvement and a project’s appeal. Upgradable NFTs, where players can upgrade their character’s value by adding specific features or accessories for a set number of tokens, are used to address this problem.

Users can develop a genuinely rare asset iteratively while also expressing their creativity. This innovation makes character customization more enjoyable and beneficial in the game. As a result, the value of the NFT may even be more than the cost of customization.

Versailles Heroes: how it started

The Versailles Heroes team aims to alter how NFTs function within the gaming metaverse ecosystem. They believe that the current flaw in the NFT gaming ecosystem should be improved by nurturing the characters and enhancing the heroes, which inevitably adds value to the NFTs.

As a result of this goal, the team developed scalable NFTs for Versailles Heroes. These scalable NFTs can be implanted to include additional enhancements to gain more hero battle counts and attributes, leading to increased proficiency and worth. Moreover, every piece of information of the NFT is recorded on the blockchain. The NFTs then become more valuable when traded in the marketplace. 

Dominating the market

Versailles Heroes is a unique, competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that incorporates GameFi and Metaverse features. It is a P2E game that mixes crypto-economics with the gaming world, NFT game art, and blockchain to provide gamers with a self-contained gaming ecosystem. In the beginning, players can experience the game with three free non-NFT heroes. If they want to get more real-world rewards or try out different types of heroes, NFT heroes and mystery boxes are available in the marketplace.

So far, many gaming projects have already started exploring upgradable NFTs. The most prominent is Versailles Heroes, powered by Ethereum Smart Chain and utilizes an innovative duo-token model cleverly integrated into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) framework with open source infrastructure. Versailles Heroes adopts DAO governance in order to delegate decisions and distribute awards to its members, which also proves it to be a pioneer in embracing Web3. 

The unique characteristics of Versailles Heroes and its art are reflected in the processing of game details, the heroes’ modeling, smooth matchmaking, combat, and gameplay. Furthermore, Versailles Heroes is a virtual realm in the Metaverse where players are granted a whole new way of interacting and connecting with fellow gamers.

With its innovations and enhancements, Versailles Heroes is well-positioned to become the leading NFT-based Metaverse game.

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