The Crypto Gaming Revolution Pikamoon (PIKA) compared with Ape Coin (APE) & The Sandbox (SAND)




GameFi is the confluence of gaming, Web3, and finance. These three powerful concepts come together to present something lacking previously in our world: the ability to make money from decentralised gaming platforms. Pikamoon does this better than Ape Coin & The Sandbox. The play-to-earn model is the most popular of all GameFi models. Why? It allows players to make real-world money from playing their favourite games without many bottlenecks on the blockchain.

The GameFi industry is projected to be worth $38 billion by 2028, a figure it might even surpass with the rapid development going on in the sector. Top crypto experts believe this industry will be one of the most successful when Web3 takes off. The question is: Are you positioning yourself strategically in GameFi? One way to do this is to invest in play-to-earn games like Pikamoon. We will show you how to invest in this new token, but what is the Pikamoon?

Pikamoon: Get paid to explore the Metaverse

The metaverse is more than a buzzword. It combines different virtual worlds to give us the best form of interaction we have ever had as humans. Understanding the metaverse is a lot of work for those far away. But you can understand, explore, and even get paid in the metaverse with virtual worlds like the Pikaverse. Many Ape Coin holders have joined because of this.

The Pikaverse is Pikamoon’s virtual world where players can scour the continent of Dreva, fight off the bad guys, and ultimately, make some real-life money. As a Pikamoon player, you can explore this immersive world and see fascinating 3D sights as you go, or you can be a full-on warrior, fighting as many battles as you can. Whatever your choice, you’ll get rewarded in Pikamoon tokens, which can be converted to a cryptocurrency you can spend directly or change to fiat.

This play-to-earn game has two modes: an offline mode and an online one. The difference between the two is that while you can enjoy the full gaming experience offline, the online mode allows you to have a stimulating multiplayer experience. You can battle your friends or online pals for Pikamoon tokens and bragging rights in this mode. Early investors are hoping for bigger returns than The Sandbox.

Apart from exhilarating gameplay and a compelling storyline, the Pikaverse features a robust marketplace where you can trade weapons, power-ups, and other in-game assets. This is another way that you, as a Pikamooner, can make a tonne of money from the game. In this marketplace, you can make your avatar better than other Pika avatars by fortifying it with health, power, and sophisticated weaponry.

You can also buy virtual land on the marketplace to start your kingdom in the Pikaverse. The earning potential in this metaverse is truly limitless. It is no wonder why top crypto experts and Web3 specialists are investing massively in Pikamoon. The metaverse is about better human interaction, while Web3 is about more efficient monetisation and decentralisation. What better way to taste the best of both worlds than through a game like Pikamoon? The Sandbox can’t compete with Pikamoon & savvy investors know it.

How to invest in Pikamoon today

Investing in Pikamoon does not cost a fortune, unlike The sandbox and Ape Coin. You can invest in it for as little as $50. However, the more money you invest initially in this new token, the greater your return when the token gets listed. You can skip going through a long, tedious process to buy Pikamoon. The buying process is pretty straightforward. Investing in Pikamoon is a strategic move to get the most out of the GameFi industry without much hassle. To invest, simply follow the link below and launch into the PikaArmy!

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