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3rd March 2022, The Collective is proud to announce its strategic partnership with IPwe, a platform based on enabling blockchain-enabled IP transactions. The ecosystem presented by IPwe is majorly built for growing revenue and mitigating the IP risk across the asset’s value. The mission and objectives of IPwe are settled across developing an environment that increases the asset’s value.

These two diverse companies have come together to build the blockchain ecosystem together. Being an emerging technology, The Collective requires the necessary tools to manage its litigation risks. To counter this, it is projected to become a Smart Pool Member across IPwe. IPwe fills up the litigation gaps across the project and helps its consistent growth. Being a technology that has enhanced itself across the IP space, it potentially guides its client across all IP-related business decisions.

The Collective is a project that helps companies in their phase-wise development across the blockchain. The Collective has been inclusive within the blockchain ecosystem with an ecosystem of services. This partnership, however, has set different goals as The Collective looks forward to building up its game, CoinRushGo, and token, CO2. IPwe will be providing staking pools for the token and the game simultaneously. The companies believe in reducing the transaction costs and enhancing the freedom to grow within the industry through Staking Pools.  

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With a belief in a partnership that would last long in the blockchain ecosystem, The Collective is all set to use IPwe services to offer staking options for the token and NFT staking, which is directly connected to the dedicated game CoinRushGo. The companies are confident to build a strong relationship that would extend across more services in the future.

About IPwe

IPwe is a high-traction fintech business operating across international bounds focusing on the IP asset class. The platform allows users to perform IP transactions across a blockchain-enabled environment, which helps their clients grow revenue and mitigate the IP risks with answers that increase the asset’s value. The ecosystem provides users with Smart Pools for blockchain, digital link, and metaverse, which displays diversity and extensiveness within the digital ecosystem designed by IPwe.

About The Collective

The Collective Group has developed an environment that helps projects grow and improve across a considerable scale. With community management services, it consults and advises its customer over development. The platform takes care of everything that would effectively benefit the growth of a project, facilitating everything that leads to improvement. The Collective values their clients that believe in empowering the blockchain ecosystem, helping them in all appropriate forms.

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